Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre for sustainability-related research in Luxembourg The Knowledge Centre is part of a virtual platform for capacity and network building to develop sustainability science in Luxembourg. We propose to develop a Platform for Sustainability Science as an arena for research, teaching and learning that plays an active role in transforming relations between society, environment, economy and technology. The Platform will be developed as a nodal point for capacity building in a growing network of existing disciplinary public research teams, government units, private firms and organized civil society, who are interested in engaging in transformative sustainability science. For this purpose the Platform will focus on building structures and activities for capacity building for engaging diverse sectors of society in such research, teaching and learning. The main first aim is to promote the development of collaborative research projects and education programmes across the natural and engineering sciences, social sciences, humanities, and practice. Over the first five years, this Platform is proposed to be built in conjunction with a first research project that combines two strands of research to assess current and future impacts of local energy-, food-, and water-systems on natural stocks and flows of Carbon, Nitrogen, and water.

PHASE I – 2016-2020: In the first five years we will develop the institutional structures of the Platform and quality criteria for sustainability science in Luxembourg, establish the knowledge platform, a network of local and international experts and stakeholders, conduct and conclude the first research project, and co-create 2-3 additional research proposals from workshops on salient sustainability challenges. By working with faculty engaged in our research project, we will also aim to leverage our research for systematically increasing the offer of relevant learning opportunities at all higher education levels in Luxembourg (Bachelor, Masters, Ph.D. and professional education, and for the Certificate in Sustainability and Social Innovation), including the building of an Executive Training Programme to equip for engagement in sustainability science projects.

PHASE II – 2021-2025: Based on a performance evaluation of the first five years, and if external funds to support post doc and Ph.D. positions have been acquired, and in more general terms, if networks, processes and sources for the acquisition of third party funding for sustainability science in Luxembourg have been successfully established, we will develop a proposal to expand the remit and increase the visibility of the Platform. If circumstances allow, the platform could also be developed as an instrument that is shared with other interested public research organizations in Luxembourg.