The Robert Schuman Initiative for European Affairs' blog provides comments on research and seminars relating to recent developments in EU Politics, Law, Policy, Economics (notably Economic Governance) and Social Affairs.  The blog also provides comments on research and seminars on the history of European integration.


Recent posts & News

06.12.2022. Laura Pierret, a PhD student in the Institute of Political Science, provides a summary of her forthcoming journal article written with David Howarth on 'Moral Hazard, Central Bankers, and Banking Union: Professional Dissensus and the Politics of European Financial System Stability' to be published in the Journal of European Integration, vol. 45, 2023.

24-25.10.2022. Professors Anna-Lena Högenauer (Political Science) and Joana Mendes (Law) organised a successful interdisciplinary workshop involving over twenty top scholars on 'Ditching the Maastricht Model? The Evolving Role of the ECB in the EMU'. The workshop is one of the outputs from their EMULEG research project funded through the Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Luxembourg. Many of the papers from this workshop will be published in a forthcoming journal special issue (TBC). Find the programme here

13.10.2022. The RSI, the FEN and the Institute of Political Science hosted Alfred Tovias, Professor Emeritus from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.  Professor Tovias spoke on "EU Foreign Policy on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Reevaluationwith a presentation based on his article published in the Israeli Journal of Foreign Affairs, in 2021 (Vol. 15, No. 2, 201–216, open access). Ramin Forghani from the Institute of Political Science acted as discussant. Professor Tovias was Chair of the department of International Relations at the Hebrew University from 2010-12 and previously served five years as director of the university's Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations. He was a Jean Monnet Chair on External Economic Relations of the EU and the co-president of the Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration (IASEI). He has published several books and numerous articles in a range high-ranking academic journals, including The Journal of Common Market Studies and European Union Politics.

10.09.2022 - Professor David Howarth published a working paper with Professor Dermot Hodson (Birkbeck, University on London) on the so-called Team Europe approach to development finance, as part of their ESRC-FNR funded "Banking on Europe" project.  

July 2022 - Dr. Helen Kavvadia presents a piece summarising the findings from her recent conference hosted by the Robert Schuman Initiative and funded by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on public development banks in the European Union context.

11-12.07.2022 - Valérie Schafer provides a summary of the Workshop on "Oral History Meets European Integration Studies", which took place at the Robert Schuman House, Luxembourg. The workshop was supported by the Robert Schuman Initiative, with the participation of colleagues from the European University Institute and the Historical Archives of the European Union (Firenze, Italy) and the Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).

04.07.2022 - Iacopo Mugnai working on Professor David Howarth's ESRC-FNR funded "Banking on Europe" project published an important and timely policy brief on Italy and the Next Generation European Union funding programme.

09.06.2022 - Frédéric Allemand of the Law Department of the University of Luxembourg hosted thirty academics and practitioners to a seminar on the emission of public debt in the European Union. The seminar was co-organised / co-financed by the Robert Schuman Initiative, the Marjolin group, an interdisciplinary research group on public finances in the EU, and the Department of Applied Economics of the Solvay Business School, Université Libre de Bruxelles. Speakers included Bob Kieffer, the head of the Direction du Trésor, Luxembourg's Ministry of Finance. Find the program here

June 2022 - Dr. Frédéric Allemand provides a summary of his recent 9 June workshop focused on the management of public debt in the EU.

19.05.2022 - The EU’s Policy Coherence to the Middle East, a summary of the RSI's FEN seminar. Find the report here.

March 2022 - Stillborn Banking Union: Why the EU's bank resolution regime cannot work for most of the EU's largest banks. 

March 2022 - The Robert Schuman Initiative and the JMCE contributed €5000 to the production of The Digital Comics, Making Europe: This is an interactive multimedia experience rooted in a series of 15 original digital comics. This new chapter in the Making Europe story uses a common visual language to reveal the human stories behind the technological advancements that have shaped the hidden integration of Europe. This project brings together the historians of the Making Europe Series, led by Andreas Fickers, the head of the C2DH at the University of Luxembourg and a Committee member of the University's Robert Schuman Initiative, Helmuth Trischler, and a number of comic artists from Europe and around the world, led by Jun-Pierre Shiozawa.

11.02.2022 - [Call for papers - Conference announcement] European Public Banks and their Development Role: Interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the past, present and future of European development finance (with the support of the Robert Schuman Initiative, the Institute of Political Science of the University of Luxembourg, the University of Manchester and the University of Padova)

December 2021 - Explaining German policy on European level financial support mechanisms.

03.12.2021 - "Advancing the Rule of Law in the European Union (and Beyond)": conference summary by Professor Robert Harmsen.

15.09.2021 - Martin Sacher, a PhD student in the Institute of Political Science provide a summary of his recently published article: "Avoiding the Inappropriate: The European Commission and Sanctions under the Stability and Growth Pact", published in Politics and Governance 9(2).

01.06.2021 - Moritz Rehm, a doctoral student in the Institute of Political Science, explains the recent agreement on the Recovery and Resilience Facility (and the Next Generation EU programme) in the context of the long-term development of European financial support mechanisms.

02.12.2019 - [Conference announcement] The Internet and the European Market from a historical perspective (with the support of the C2DH | Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History)

29.10.2019 - An agenda for transparency in the EU by Herwig C.H. Hofmann and Päivi Leino-Sandberg

25.10.2019 - [Summary report] Public lecture by Pr. Dr. Sven Biscop on "European Strategy in the 21st Century"

15.10.2019 - Martin Sacher, a PhD student in the Institute of Political Science provide a summary of his recently published article: "Macroeconomic Conditionalities: Using the Controversial Link between EU Cohesion Policy and Economic Governance", published in the Journal of Contemporary European Research 15(2).

16.09.2019 - [Summary report] The Benelux, Regional Groupings and the Dynamics of European Integration: Contemporary and Historical Perspectives by Spero Paraventis

10.09.2019 - [Analysis] Advocate General Bobek on One of us - Legal Clarity vs Political Debate by Jasmin Hiry

29.07.2019 - [Summary report] The 9th Tensions of Europe Conference on 'Decoding Europe - Technological Pasts in the Digital Age', University of Luxembourg, June 2019 by Aurélie Lafontaine and Florian Vetter

05.07.2019 - [Event] Invitation to the Conference "Analyzing the European Investment Bank", University of Luxembourg, 10-11 July 2019

02.07.2019 - [Summary report] Colloque sur "La surveillance prudentielle du secteur financier: la dimension européenne", Luxembourg, 28 juin 2019 - organisé par l'Observatoire Luxembourgeois de Droit européen, en partenariat avec la Faculté de droit, d'économie et de finance

01.07.2019 - Helen Kavvadia, EIB Research Fellow at the University of Luxembourg provides a summary of the first major academic conference organised on the European Investment Bank.

24.06.2019 - [Analysis] The European Citizens' Initiative: Evore more accessible and ever more influential? Comments on C-420/16 P Izsák and Dabis. By Jasmin Hiry

21.06.2019 - [Event] Round Table on the Opinion 1/17 of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Luxembourg, 21 June 2019

17.06.2019 - [Event] Invitation to the 9th edition of the Tensions of Europe Conference: "Decoding Europe: Technological Pasts in the Digital Age", Luxembourg, 28 June 2019

10.06.2019 - [Event] Invitation to the lecture given by Judge Gratsias on the Restrictive measures adopted under the CFSP: certain aspects of the case-law of the General Court, Luxembourg, 17 June 2019

01.06.2019 - [Event] Invitation to the public lecture given by Sven Biscop on the European Strategy in the 21st century, Luxembourg, 24 June 2019

31.05.2019 - [Summary report] Pierre Werner and Luxembourg: a vision for Europe, Sibiu, 24 May 2019

24.04.2019 - [Analysis] Transparency in the early stages of the EU decision-making process. Secrecy at the cost of democratic participation, or transparency at the cost of efficiency? Comments on T-540/15 De Capitani and C-15/16P ClientEarth. By Jasmin Hiry

21.01.2019 - [Event] Lecture given by Anders Neergaard (European Parliament) on ‘Bilateral Investment Treaties and the Autonomy and Values of the European Union – Threats or Opportunities’, University of Luxembourg, January 2019

18.12.2018 - [Analysis] Utilization of Scenarios in European Union Electricity Policy: The Ten-Year Network Development Plan. By Alexander Scheibe

13.12.2018 - [Event] Lecture given by Pr. Joanna Jemielniak on ‘Judicialization of Investor-State Dispute Resolution: Competing Models of Legal Globalization’, University of Luxembourg, Dec. 2018

01.11.2018 - Alexander Scheibe writes on the use of scenarios in European electricity policy.

25.10.2018 - [Analysis] The Difficult Construction of a European Deposit Insurance Scheme: A Step too far in Banking Union? By Pr. David Howarth and Pr. Lucia Quaglia

15.10.2018 - [Summary Report] Seminar on "Brexit and Finance" with Dr. Scott James and Pr. David Howarth (University of Luxembourg, 12 October 2018) by Dr. Scott James and Pr. David Howarth

27.06.2018 -  [Analysis] Does the end justify the means? Reflections on the Associação Sindical dos Juízes Portugueses Judgment (C-64/16). by Pierre-Emmanuel Pignarre

07.02.2018 - [Analysis] Dear consumers! The possibilities for collective redress in the EU still not attuned to the digital world disputes. Comments on Case C 498/16 Maximilian Schrems v Facebook Ireland Limited by Simona Demkova

08.01.2018 - [Analysis] Brexit Seen from Luxembourg by Anna-Lena Högenauer

07.11.2017 - [Analysis] The CETA, the German Federal Constitutional Court and the distribution of competences between the EU and its Member States  by Julien Miéral

07.09. 2017 - [Analysis] European Unemployment Insurance – a good initiative without foundation by Igor Tkalec - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

01.08.2017 - [Analysis] Hello! Is it me you’re looking for? Not after Tele2 anymore… by Teresa Alegra Quintel - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

21.07.2017 - [Analysis] Trademark enforcement against intermediaries is getting physical – (Case C 494/15 Hilfiger v Delta Center) by Carsten Ullrich - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

04.07.2017 - [Analysis] Quo Vadis, Europa? Space - the final frontier for EU unification by Sandra Cabrera Alvarado - PhD Candidate in Space Law at the University of Luxembourg

12.06.2017 - [Analysis] Brexit: Mind the gap! The significance of regional disparities in political decision making by Estelle Evrard  and Jutta Bissinger - PhD researchers at the University of Luxembourg

26.04.2017 - [Analysis] Soixante ans et toujours en movement / Sixty years on, still moving, transforming and evolving by Prof. Herwig Hofmann and Catherine Warin - PhD student at the University of Luxembourg

06.04.2017 - [Analysis] C-547/14: the Twofold Objective of the Tobacco Products Directive by Johannes Hendrik Fahner - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

06.03.2017 - [Analysis] Times of Crisis, Times of Prospects: Can the EU Learn from the 1970s? By Mechthild Herzog - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

01.03.2017 - [Analysis] Recent developments on free movement in EU by Catherine Warin - PhD researcher at the University of Luxembourg

28.02.2017 - [Analysis] CJEU condemns German price-fixing system for prescription-only medicinal products by Julia Sinnig - Research Assistant/Doctoral candidate in tax law at the University of Luxembourg

27.01.2017 - [Analysis] How did the ECB become a fully-fledged central bank of the euro zone? By Jakub Gren (LLM) - PhD researcher in the Institute of Political Science of the University of Luxembourg

10.2015 to 06.2016 - [Lectures Series] The European Union as a Global International Actor by Eleftheria Neframi