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Colloquium and seminars

Chronological list of lectures

Chronological list of all lectures in the Colloquium, the General Mathematics Seminar, Our Mathematics Spectrum, the Doctorands Seminar and the most important lectures in the thematic seminars.

MAST Lecture Series

Mathematics, Science and Technology is a Lecture Series that aims at sharing the most recent developments of mathematics and their applications in the Luxembourg scientific community.


Multiplicities is a broad audience seminar geared towards transversal topics whose aim is to highlight the diversity of mathematics and mathematicians.

General Mathematics Seminar

Lectures on recent advances in mathematics for a general mathematical audience


General audience (including mathematics students, teachers, researchers from other areas, and the interested public) mathematics lectures of broad interest

Our Mathematics Spectrum

Lunch seminar where (new) members of the research unit present their research area in a simple and broadly understandable way

Seminar for PhD candidates

Seminar for and by PhD candidates and postdocs


Seminar in Algebra, Geometry, and Quantization



Seminar in Algebraic Topology, Geometry and Physics


Seminar in Geometry and Topology


Seminar in Harmonic Analysis


Seminar in Probability


Seminar in Number Theory

Luxembourg Number Theory Seminar
Working groups on specific topic and work in progress

Didactical Seminar

Mathematical talks for high-school teachers and amateurs, about Mathematics and its Didactics.



Archive: Seminar on Geometry of moduli space and topological recursion