Research Projects

Current research projects

(in alphabetical order)

Current PhD projects

  • Analyse sociologique d’un projet de mise en place d’outils et d’accompagnement pour la création d’une filière d’alimentation d’approvisionnement local (Ariane Fragnon)
  • Die Legio XXII Primigenia Pia Fidelis (Thierry Groff)
  • Books, saints, and men. For a revaluation of latin hagiographic culture in the diocese of Trier (13th-16th centuries) (Bastien Dubuisson)
  • Ambitious amateurs - European filmclubs during the long 1960s (Julia Wack)
  • Herrschaftsstrukturen in Lotharingien (9. - 15. Jahrhundert) (Scott Kutting)
  • Gouverner par les maux : Santé, pratique(s) et culture(s) médicales à la cour de Marie de Hongrie (1531-1558) (Lison Vercammen)
  • (Re)Building Tell Nebi Yunus, Mosul, Iraq: Using digital 3D reconstruction and finite element analysis to restore and virtually investigate 2700 years of Iraqi cultural heritage (Juan Aguilar)
  • Rethinking the nature of human interactions with environment in medieval Luxembourg from a longue durée perspective using digital and interactive visualisation techniques and spatial analysis (Maximilian Jesiolowski)
  • Climate and environmental events in Antiquity and Early Middle Ages: A contribution to the archaeology of climate change (Ilenia Petrarulo)
German Studies
  • Das fremde Wort. Mehrdeutigkeit und Mehrsprachigkeit in der modernen Lyrik (Arbeitstitel) (Dinah Mareike Schöneich)
  • Kunstreflexion im Werk Franz Kafkas (Arbeitstitel) (David Fuchs)
  • Potenzial und Grenzen der Digitalität und der Künstlichen Intelligenz in der Literaturwissenschaft. Bildungstheoretische Reflexion zur Mediendidaktik im digitalen Umbruch und Analyse von computerbasierten Verfahren, digitalen tools und social networking-Ansätzen im Literaturunterricht (Anjarasoa Rakotomanga)
  • Zurück ins Mittelalter? – Literalität im digitalen Zeitalter der neuen Medien (Naomi Berrend)
English Studies
  • A digital investigation of the journals edited by Charles Dickens (Ognyan Ognyanov Darinov)
Romance Studies, Media & Arts
  • La parole performée. Enquêtes sur les transformations structurelles de l’expression publique de la parole, en France, depuis les années 1980 (Edwin Lavallée)
  • L'épopée indo-européenne, genre et valeur : une approche théorique (Armand Erchadi)
  • L'oeuvre d'art augmentée et le musée virtuel (Nicolás Enrique Marín Bayona)
  • Edition critique d'un inédit d'A. Koltz (Marvin Andrieux)
Luxembourg Studies
  • D'Lëtzebuerger Sprooch: ideologies of standardization (Gabriel Alejandro Rivera Cosme)
  • Spracheinstellungen in Luxemburg (Lou Pepin)
  • Variationslinguistische Untersuchungen zur luxemburgischen Jugendsprache. Eine Analyse von Gebrauchsstrukturen in Messenger-Interaktionen (Melissa Mujkić)
  • Code-Switching in written Luxembourgish: Computational approaches to research on identity, style, and power (Jacques Spedener)
  • Development of the novel in Luxembourgish Literature (1980-2022). Approaches from spatial analysis, digital humanities and literary multilingualism (Cosimo Suglia)
  • The powers and limits of rational reflection (Yannick Kohl)
  • The promise of deliberative (e-)democracy. An appraisal of public consultations at the regional, the national, and the European (Lisa Verhasselt)
  • Imagination and fiction (Kieran Alexander Salt)
Chaire parlementaire
  • The influence of parliamentary diplomacy in norm diffusion and human rights policy: the Parliament of Spain, the European Parliament, and the Mercosur Parliament and its members (Laura Gil Besada)
  • Democratic Quality and Retrenchment in the European Union (Agnès Darabos)


  • The effects of grammatical reflection for spelling French plural markers among grade 4 pupils and intra-individual development throughout one year (Lisa Klasen)
  • A qualitative study on parent and child engagement in multiliteracy activities in crèches in Luxembourg (working title) (Valérie Kemp)
  • Innovative approaches to the multilingual workplace (Veronika Lovritš)
  • Children's experiences of multilingualism in Luxembourg at home, school and social media (Mahdi Mowlaei Aghblagh)
  • Multilingualism in mentoring and tutoring (Yimin Zhang)
  • Revisiting the Concept of Intercultural Competence in a Globalising World: European and Chinese Perspectives on Culture and Interculturality in the Business area (Shuai Mao)


Completed Research Projects