Dr. Enrico Glaab

Enrico Glaab

Assistant professor / Senior research scientist in Machine Learning and Bioinformatics

Faculté ou Centre Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
Department Biomedical Data Science
Adresse postale Université du Luxembourg
6, avenue du Swing
L-4367 Belvaux

Bureau sur le campus BTL, E04 180
Téléphone (+352) 46 66 44 6186
Video Dr Enrico Glaab
Dr Enrico Glaab
Dr Enrico Glaab

Enrico Glaab is Deputy Course Director for the Master in Integrated Systems Biology and Principal Investigator of the Biomedical Data Science group (Glaab Lab). As a member of the Research Team in the National Centre of Excellence in Research on Parkinson’s Disease (NCER-PD) he works on the sub-projects Data & Analytics and Biomarkers & Mechanisms.

His research is centered around the development and application of software tools for the analysis of molecular, clinical and neuroimaging data for complex diseases, in particular for the neurodegenerative disorders Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Key focus areas cover the design of graph-based algorithms to identify disease-associated perturbations in cellular processes and molecular sub-networks (software tools EnrichNet and GenePEN), machine learning methods to discover robust discriminative features for diagnostic biospecimen classification (software tools ArrayMining , PathVar , RepExplore, and approaches for network-guided candidate disease gene prioritization (software tools PathExpand and TopoGSA).

Dr. Glaab is pleased to consider applications from prospective PostDocs or PhD students in bioinformatics. Students interested in pursuing a master's degree at the interface of computational and experimental biology may want to consider our programme Master in Integrated Systems Biology.

Last updated on: vendredi 05 février 2021

  • 2018: Assistant Professor, Deputy Course Director and Principal Investigator
    Biomedical Data Science Group, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, University of Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
  • 2017: Senior Research Scientist, Deputy Course Director and Principal Investigator
    Biomedical Data Science Group
    Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, University of Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
  • 2015: Research Scientist
    Biomedical Data Science Group, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, University of Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
  • 2011: Research Associate
    Bioinformatics Core Unit, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, University of Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
  • 2011: PhD in Computer Science / Bioinformatics
    University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
    Including the following doctoral fellowship periods:
    Ÿ- 2007 - 2009  Marie Curie Research Fellow
    Ÿ- 2009 - 2010  EPSRC Research Fellow
    Doctoral thesis: “Analysing functional genomics data using novel ensemble, consensus and data fusion techniques”
  • 2007: MSc. in Computational Molecular Biology (Honours Degree)
    Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany
  • 2006: BSc. in Computational Molecular Biology
    Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany

Last updated on: 18 fév 2021

Enrico Glaab is deputy course director for the Master in Integrated Systems Biology

Currently taught courses at Bachelor and Master level:

Course: Top-down systems biology (ISB704, 30 hours lectures, 30 hours practicals)

Study programme: Master in Integrated Systems Biology

Semester: 2

Teacher(s): Enrico Glaab

Course: Master thesis (ISB901, 20 hours)

Study programme: Master in Integrated Systems Biology

Semester: 2

Teacher(s): Thomas Sauter, Enrico Glaab

Currently taught courses at PhD level:

Course: Statistical tests and statistical learning for omics data” (1 ECTS = 25 hours workload)

Study programme: part of the ELIXIR programme for life science training in Europe
Teachers: First day: Enrico Glaab; Second day: Veronica Codoni, Enrico Glaab


Previously taught courses at Bachelor and Master level:

Course: Bioinformatics I (BASV94)

Study programme: Bachelor en sciences de la vie - biologie

Semester: 4

Teacher(s): Antonio del Sol, Nikos Vlassis, Venkata Satagopam, Gokhan Ertaylan, Enrico Glaab

Year taught: 2013

Course: Genomics & Databases (ISB101)

Study programme: Master in Integrated Systems Biology

Semester: 2

Teacher(s): Reinhard Schneider, Venkata Satagopam, Janos Binder, Maria Secrier, Maria Biryukov, Enrico Glaab

Year taught: 2012

Course: Bioinformatics (G53BIO, University of Nottingham)

Study programme: Bachelor in Computer Science

Semester: 5

Teacher(s): Jaume Bacardit, Natalio Krasnogor, Enrico Glaab

Year taught: 2010

Last updated on: 20 oct 2020

  • Member of winning team at the international coding challenge on longevity research “LongHack” (https://longhack.org), 2021
  • Prize for Best Performing Entrant in the data science and machine learning challenge “Metagenomics Diagnosis for Inflammatory Bowel Disease Challenge (MEDIC)”, by the SBV (Systems Biology Verification) IMPROVER initiative, 2020
  • Winner of the international Active Motif Epigenetics Competition for the research project “EpiND: Network-based machine learning analysis of chromatin changes in Parkinson's disease and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy”, 2019
  • Bayer Lindau Fellowship 2015 - chosen by the Lindau selection committee for participation in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2015, Germany (sponsored by the Bayer Foundation), 2015
  • Winner of the international Geoffrey Beene Alzheimer’s Global NeuroDiscovery Challenge on data mining for Alzheimer’s disease, by the Geoffrey Beene Foundation Alzheimer’s Initiative, the 21st Century BrainTrust, and the New York Academy of Sciences, 2013 (see: http://21cbt.org/21cbt-award )
  • Poster Prize Award at the Benelux Bioinformatics Conference, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2012
  • Short-term fellowship by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), EMBL, Heidelberg, Germany, 2011
  • ECCB 2010 Travel Fellowship Award to attend the European Conference on Computational Biology 2010, Ghent, Belgium, 2010
  • EPSRC Research Fellowship (funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council), 2009
  • Peer Review Poster Award at Nottingham University Poster Prize event, Nottingham, UK, 2009
  • Marie Curie Early Stage Training Research Fellowship (as part of the EU “Marie Curie Actions” programme), 2007
  • Member of the German National Merit Foundation (Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes) during undergraduate and graduate education in Germany, 2004 – 2007 (now member of the Alumni Association)
  • Member of the Honours Program for Graduate Students in Computer Science and Bioinformatics at Saarland University, Germany, 2006 - 2007
  • Scholarship from the Chair of Bioinformatics at Saarland University, Germany (1000 € stipend for the students with the three best results in the Bioinformatics I exam), 2005
  • Winner of the national competition "Jugend forscht" ("Youth Researches") in the category Mathematics/Computer Science (2001, while attending high school)
  • Winner of the "Konrad Zuse Youth Prize" for Computer Science awarded by the Eduard-Rhein Trust (2001, while attending high school)

Last updated on: 16 déc 2021

Last updated on: 16 déc 2021

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See detailSingle-cell transcriptional profiling and gene regulatory network modeling in Tg2576 mice reveal gender-dependent molecular features preceding Alzheimer-like pathologies
Ali, Muhammad; Huarte, Oihane; Heurtaux, Tony; Garcia, Pierre; Rodriguez, Beatriz Pardo; Grzyb, Kamil; Halder, Rashi; Skupin, Alexander; Buttini, Manuel; Glaab, Enrico

in Molecular Neurobiology (2022), in press (doi:10.1007/s12035-022-02985-2)(in press),

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See detailRvD1(n-3 DPA) Downregulates the Transcription of Pro-Inflammatory Genes in Oral Epithelial Cells and Reverses Nuclear Translocation of Transcription Factor p65 after TNF-α Stimulation.
Balta, Maria G.; Schreurs, Olav; Halder, Rashi; Küntziger, Thomas M.; Saetre, Frank; Blix, Inger Johanne S.; Baekkevold, Espen S.; Glaab, Enrico; Schenck, Karl

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See detailExpression and function of resolvin RvD1(n-3 DPA) receptors in oral epithelial cells
Balta, Maria G.; Schreurs, Olav; Hansen, Trond V.; Tungen, Jørn E.; Vik, Anders; Glaab, Enrico; Küntziger, Thomas M.; Schenck, Karl; Baekkevold, Espen S.; Blix, Inger Johanne S.

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See detailTen Quick Tips for Biomarker Discovery and Validation Analyses Using Machine Learning
Diaz-Uriarte, R.; Gómez de Lope, Elisa; Giugno, R.; Fröhlich, H.; Nazarov, Petr; Nepomuceno-Chamorro, I. A.; Rauschenberger, Armin; Glaab, Enrico

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See detailLeveraging the Potential of Digital Technology for Better Individualized Treatment of Parkinson's Disease.
Fröhlich, Holger; Bontridder, Noémi; Petrovska-Delacréta, Dijana; Glaab, Enrico; Kluge, Felix; Yacoubi, Mounim El; Marín Valero, Mayca; Corvol, Jean-Christophe; Eskofier, Bjoern; Van Gyseghem, Jean-Marc; Lehericy, Stepháne; Winkler, Jürgen; Klucken, Jochen

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See detailNeurodegeneration and neuroinflammation are linked, but independent of a-synuclein inclusions, in a seeding/spreading mouse model of Parkinson's disease
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See detailParkinson's Disease progression, resilience and inflammation markers during the COVID-19 pandemic
Pauly, Claire; Glaab, Enrico; Hansen, Maxime; Martin-Gallausiaux, C.; Ledda, M.; Marques, Tainà; Wilmes, Paul; Krüger, Rejko; Consortium, NCER-PD

in Movement Disorders (2022), in press (doi: 10.1002/mds.29212)(in press),

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See detailBody-First Subtype of Parkinson's Disease with Probable REM-Sleep Behavior Disorder Is Associated with Non-Motor Dominant Phenotype
Pavelka, Lukas; Rauschenberger, Armin; Landoulsi, Zied; Pachchek, Sinthuja; Marques, Tainà; Gomes, Clarissa; Glaab, Enrico; May, Patrick; Krüger, Rejko; NCER-PD, Consortium

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See detailAge at onset as stratifier in idiopathic Parkinson's disease - effect of ageing and polygenic risk score on clinical phenotypes
Pavelka, Lukas; Rauschenberger, Armin; Landoulsi, Zied; Pachchek, Sinthuja; May, Patrick; Glaab, Enrico; NCER-PD, Consortium; Krüger, Rejko

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See detailPenalised regression with multiple sources of prior effects
Rauschenberger, Armin; Landoulsi, Zied; van de Wiel, Mark A.; Glaab, Enrico

E-print/Working paper (2022)

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See detailAn archaeal compound as a driver of Parkinson’s disease pathogenesis
Trezzi, Jean-Pierre; Aho, Velma; Jäger, Christian; Schade, Sebastian; Janzen, Annette; Hickl, Oskar; Kunath, Benoit; Thomas, Melanie; Schmit, Kristopher; Garcia, Pierre; Sciortino, Alessia; Martin-Gallausiaux, Camille; Halder, Rashi; Huarte, Oihane Uriarte; Heurtaux, Tony; Heins-Marroquin, Ursula; Gomez-Giro, Gemma; Weidenbach, Katrin; Delacour, Lea; Laczny, Cedric Christian; Novikova, Polina; Ramiro-Garcia, Javier; Singh, Randolph; Andújar, Begoña Talavera; Lebrun, Laura; Daujeumont, Annegrait; Habier, Janine; Dong, Xiangyi; Gavotto, Floriane; Heintz-Buschart, Anna; Schneider, Jochen; Jehmlich, Nico; Bergen, Martin Von; Schymanski, Emma; Schmitz, Ruth; Schwamborn, Jens Christian; Glaab, Enrico; Linster, Carole; Kitami, Toshimori; Buttini, Manuel; May, Patrick; Trenkwalder, Claudia; Oertel, Wolfgang; Mollenhauer, Brit; Wilmes, Paul

E-print/Working paper (2022)

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See detailiPSC-Derived Microglia as a Model to Study Inflammation in Idiopathic Parkinson's Disease.
Badanjak, Katja; Mulica, Patrycja; Smajic, Semra; Delcambre, Sylvie; Tranchevent, Leon-Charles; Diederich, Nico; Rauen, Thomas; Schwamborn, Jens Christian; Glaab, Enrico; Cowley, Sally A.; Antony, Paul; Pereira, Sandro L.; Venegas, Carmen; Grünewald, Anne

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See detailThe benefits, costs and feasibility of a low incidence COVID-19 strategy
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in The Lancet Regional Health - Europe (2021), 12(100193),

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See detailBiomedical and Clinical Research Data Management
Ganzinger, Matthias; Glaab, Enrico; Kerssemakers, Jules; Nahnsen, Sven; Sax, Ulrich; Schaadt, Nadine Sarah; Schapranow, Matthieu-P.; Tiede, Thorsten

in Wolkenhauer, Olaf (Ed.) Systems Medicine - Integrative, Qualitative and Computational Approaches (2021)

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See detailAltered sphingolipid function in Alzheimer's disease; a gene regulatory network approach
Giovagnoni, Caterina; Ali, Muhammad; Eijssen, Lars M. T.; Maes, Richard; Choe, Kyonghwan; Mulder, Monique; Kleinjans, Jos; del Sol, Antonio; Glaab, Enrico; Mastroeni, Diego; Delvaux, Elaine; Coleman, Paul; Losen, Mario; Pishva, Ehsan; Martinez, Pilar Martinez; van den Hove, Daniel L. A.

in Neurobiology of Aging (2021), in press(in press),

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See detailArtificial intelligence in personalized medicine
Glaab, Enrico

Presentation (2021, January 13)

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See detailA Pharmacophore Model for SARS-CoV-2 3CLpro Small Molecule Inhibitors and in Vitro Experimental Validation of Computationally Screened Inhibitors
Glaab, Enrico; Manoharan, Ganesh Babu; Abankwa, Daniel

in Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (2021), 61(8), 4082-4096

Full Text
See detailBiomarker discovery studies for patient stratification using machine learning analysis of omics data: a scoping review
Glaab, Enrico; Rauschenberger, Armin; Banzi, Rita; Gerardi, Chiara; Garcia, Paula; Demotes, Jacques; PERMIT group

in BMJ Open (2021), 11(12), 053674

Full Text
See detailCharacterization of DNA Methylomic signatures in induced pluripotent stem cells during neuronal differentiation
Imm, Jennifer; Pishva, Ehsan; Ali, Muhammad; Kerrigan, Talitha L.; Jeffries, Aaron; Burrage, Joe; Glaab, Enrico; Allen, Nicholas; Lunnon, Katie

in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology (2021)

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See detailCOVID19 Disease Map, a computational knowledge repository of virus-host interaction mechanisms.
Ostaszewski, Marek; Niarakis, Anna; Mazein, Alexander; Kuperstein, Inna; Phair, Robert; Orta-Resendiz, Aurelio; Singh, Vidisha; Aghamiri, Sara Sadat; Acencio, Marcio Luis; Glaab, Enrico; Ruepp, Andreas; Fobo, Gisela; Montrone, Corinna; Brauner, Barbara; Frishman, Goar; Monraz Gómez, Luis Cristóbal; Somers, Julia; Hoch, Matti; Kumar Gupta, Shailendra; Scheel, Julia; Borlinghaus, Hanna; Czauderna, Tobias; Schreiber, Falk; Montagud, Arnau; Ponce de Leon, Miguel; Funahashi, Akira; Hiki, Yusuke; Hiroi, Noriko; Yamada, Takahiro G.; Dräger, Andreas; Renz, Alina; Naveez, Muhammad; Bocskei, Zsolt; Messina, Francesco; Börnigen, Daniela; Fergusson, Liam; Conti, Marta; Rameil, Marius; Nakonecnij, Vanessa; Vanhoefer, Jakob; Schmiester, Leonard; Wang, Muying; Ackerman, Emily E.; Shoemaker, Jason E.; Zucker, Jeremy; Oxford, Kristie; Teuton, Jeremy; Kocakaya, Ebru; Summak, Gökçe Yağmur; Hanspers, Kristina; Kutmon, Martina; Coort, Susan; Eijssen, Lars; Ehrhart, Friederike; Rex, Devasahayam Arokia Balaya; Slenter, Denise; Martens, Marvin; Pham, Nhung; Haw, Robin; Jassal, Bijay; Matthews, Lisa; Orlic-Milacic, Marija; Senff Ribeiro, Andrea; Rothfels, Karen; Shamovsky, Veronica; Stephan, Ralf; Sevilla, Cristoffer; Varusai, Thawfeek; Ravel, Jean-Marie; Fraser, Rupsha; Ortseifen, Vera; Marchesi, Silvia; Gawron, Piotr; Smula, Ewa; Heirendt, Laurent; Satagopam, Venkata; Wu, Guanming; Riutta, Anders; Golebiewski, Martin; Owen, Stuart; Goble, Carole; Hu, Xiaoming; Overall, Rupert W.; Maier, Dieter; Bauch, Angela; Gyori, Benjamin M.; Bachman, John A.; Vega, Carlos; Groues, Valentin; Vazquez, Miguel; Porras, Pablo; Licata, Luana; Iannuccelli, Marta; Sacco, Francesca; Nesterova, Anastasia; Yuryev, Anton; de Waard, Anita; Turei, Denes; Luna, Augustin; Babur, Ozgun; Soliman, Sylvain; Valdeolivas, Alberto; Esteban-Medina, Marina; Peña-Chilet, Maria; Rian, Kinza; Helikar, Tomáš; Puniya, Bhanwar Lal; Modos, Dezso; Treveil, Agatha; Olbei, Marton; De Meulder, Bertrand; Ballereau, Stephane; Dugourd, Aurélien; Naldi, Aurélien; Noël, Vincent; Calzone, Laurence; Sander, Chris; Demir, Emek; Korcsmaros, Tamas; Freeman, Tom C.; Augé, Franck; Beckmann, Jacques S.; Hasenauer, Jan; Wolkenhauer, Olaf; Wilighagen, Egon L.; Pico, Alexander R.; Evelo, Chris T.; Gillespie, Marc E.; Stein, Lincoln D.; Hermjakob, Henning; D'Eustachio, Peter; Saez-Rodriguez, Julio; Dopazo, Joaquin; Valencia, Alfonso; Kitano, Hiroaki; Barillot, Emmanuel; Auffray, Charles; Balling, Rudi; Schneider, Reinhard

in Molecular systems biology (2021), 17(10), 10387

Full Text
See detailPredicting correlated outcomes from molecular data
Rauschenberger, Armin; Glaab, Enrico

in Bioinformatics (2021), 37(21), 38893895

Full Text
See detailPredictive and interpretable models via the stacked elastic net
Rauschenberger, Armin; Glaab, Enrico; van de Wiel, Mark

in Bioinformatics (2021), 37(14), 20122016

Full Text
See detailCrowdsourcing digital health measures to predict Parkinson's disease severity: the Parkinson's Disease Digital Biomarker DREAM Challenge
Sieberts, S.; Schaff, J.; Duda, M.; Pataki, B.; Sun, M.; Snyder, P.; Daneault, J.; Parisi, F.; Costante, G.; Rubin, U.; Banda, P.; Chae, Y.; Neto, E.; Dorsey, E.; Aydin, Z.; Chen, A.; Elo, L.; Espino, C.; Glaab, Enrico; Goan, E.; Golabchi, F.; Görmez, Y.; Jaakkola, M.; Jonnagaddala, J.; Klén, R.; Li, D.; McDaniel, C.; Perrin, D.; Rad, N.; Perumal, T.; Rainaldi, E.; Sapienza, S.; Schwab, P.; Shokhirev, N.; Venäläinen, M.; Vergara-Diaz, G.; Wang, Y.; Consortium, The Parkinson S Disease Digital Biomarker Challenge; Guan, Y.; Brunner, D.; Bonato, P.; Mangravite, L.; Omberg, L.

in npj Digital Medicine (2021), 4(53),

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Full Text
See detailNon-Coding RNAs in the Brain-Heart Axis: The Case of Parkinson’s Disease
Acharya, Shubhra; Salgado-Somoza, Antonio; Stefanizzi, Francesca Maria; Lumley, Andrew I.; Zhang, Lu; Glaab, Enrico; May, Patrick; Devaux, Yvan

in International Journal of Molecular Sciences (2020), 21(18), 6513

Full Text
See detailA patient-based model of RNA mis-splicing uncovers treatment targets in Parkinson's disease.
Boussaad, Ibrahim; Obermaier, Carolin D.; Hanss, Zoé; Bobbili, Dheeraj R.; Bolognin, Silvia; Glaab, Enrico; Wołyńska, Katarzyna; Weisschuh, Nicole; De Conti, Laura; May, Caroline; Giesert, Florian; Grossmann, Dajana; Lambert, Annika; Kirchen, Susanne; Biryukov, Maria; Burbulla, Lena F.; Massart, Francois; Bohler, Jill; Cruciani, Gérald; Schmid, Benjamin; Kurz-Drexler, Annerose; May, Patrick; Duga, Stefano; Klein, Christine; Schwamborn, Jens Christian; Marcus, Katrin; Woitalla, Dirk; Vogt Weisenhorn, Daniela M.; Wurst, Wolfgang; Baralle, Marco; Krainc, Dimitri; Gasser, Thomas; Wissinger, Bernd; Krüger, Rejko

in Science translational medicine (2020), 12(560),

Full Text
See detailA novel TIMP3 mutation associated with a retinitis pigmentosa-like phenotype
DeBenedictis, Meghan; Gindzin, Yosef; Glaab, Enrico; Anand-Apte, Bela

in Ophthalmic Genetics (2020), 41(5), 480-484

Full Text
See detailScoping review on machine learning methods for stratification
Glaab, Enrico

Presentation (2020, December 02)

Full Text
See detailGBA variants in Parkinson’s disease: clinical, metabolomic and multimodal neuroimaging phenotypes
Greuel, Andrea; Trezzi, Jean-Pierre; Glaab, Enrico; Ruppert, Marina C.; Maier, Franziska; Jäger, Christian; Hodak, Zdenka; Lohmann, Katja; Yilong, Ma; Eidelberg, David; Timmermann, Lars; Hiller, Karsten; Tittgemeyer, Marc; Drzezga, Alexander; Diederich, Nico; Eggers, Carsten

in Movement Disorders (2020), 35(12), 2201-2210

Full Text
See detailA rare loss-of function variant of ADAM17 is associated with late-onset familial Alzheimer disease
Hartl, Daniela; May, Patrick; Gu, Wei; Mayhaus, Manuel; Pichler, Sabrina; Spaniol, Christian; Glaab, Enrico; Bobbili, Dheeraj Reddy; Antony, Paul; Köglsberger, Sandra; Kurz, Alexander; Grimmer, Timo; Morgan, Kevin; Vardarajan, Badri N.; Reitz, Christiane; Hardy, John; Bras, Jose; Guerreiro, Rita; AESG; Balling, Rudi; Schneider, Jochen; Riemenschneider, Matthias

in Molecular Psychiatry (2020), 25(3), 629-639

Full Text
See detailA new synuclein-transgenic mouse model for early Parkinson's reveals molecular features of preclinical disease
Hendrickx, Diana M.; Garcia, Pierre; Ashrafi, Amer; Sciortino, Alessia; Schmit, Kristopher; Kollmus, Heike; Nicot, Nathalie; Kaoma, Tony; Vallar, Laurent; Buttini, Manuel; Glaab, Enrico

in Molecular Neurobiology (2020), 58

Full Text
See detailGene selection for optimal prediction of cell position in tissues from single-cell transcriptomics
Tanevski, Jovan; Nguyen, Thin; Truong, Buu; Karaiskos, Nikolaos; Eren, Mehmet; Zhang, Xinyu; Shu, Chang; Hu, Ying; Pham, Hoang V. V.; Li, Xiaomei; Le, Thuc; Tarca, Adi; Bhatti, Gaurav; Romero, Roberto; Karathanasis, Nestoras; Loher, Phillipe; Chen, Yang; Ouyang, Zhengqing; Mao, Disheng; Zhang, Yuping; Zand, Maryam; Ruan, Jianhua; Hafemeister, Christoph; Qiu, Peng; Tran, Duc; Nguyen, Tin; Gabor, Attila; Yu, Thomas; Glaab, Enrico; Krause, Roland; Banda, Peter; Stolovitzky, Gustavo; Rajewsky, Nikolaus; Saez-Rodriguez, Julio

in Life Science Alliance (2020), 3(11), 202000867

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Full Text
See detailVariants in Miro1 cause alterations of ER-mitochondria contact sites in fibroblasts from Parkinson's disease patients
Berenguer, Clara; Grossmann, Dajana; Massart, François; Antony, Paul; Burbulla, Lena; Glaab, Enrico; Imhoff, Sophie; Trinh, Joanne; Seibler, Philip; Grünewald, Anne; Krüger, Rejko

in Journal of Clinical Medicine (2019)

Full Text
See detailTranscriptome profiling data reveals Ubiquitin-Specific Peptidase 9 knockdown effects
Glaab, Enrico; Antony, Paul; Köglsberger, Sandra; Forster, Julia I.; Cordero-Maldonado, Maria L.; Crawford, Alexander; Garcia, Pierre; Buttini, Manuel

in Data in Brief (2019), 25(1), 104130

Full Text
See detailIntegrative analysis of blood metabolomics and PET brain neuroimaging data for Parkinson's disease
Glaab, Enrico; Trezzi, Jean-Pierre; Greuel, Andrea; Jäger, Christian; Hodak, Zdenka; Drzezga, Alexander; Timmermann, Lars; Tittgemeyer, Marc; Diederich, Nico Jean; Eggers, Carsten

in Neurobiology of Disease (2019), 124(1), 555-562

Full Text
See detailMutations in RHOT1 disrupt ER-mitochondria contact sites interfering with calcium homeostasis and mitochondrial dynamics in Parkinson's disease.
Grossmann, Dajana; Berenguer, Clara; Bellet, Marie Estelle; Scheibner, David; Bohler, Jill; Massart, François; Rapaport, Doron; Skupin, Alexander; Fouquier d'Hérouël, Aymeric; Sharma, Manu; Ghelfi, Jenny; Rakovic, Aleksandar; Lichtner, Peter; Antony, Paul; Glaab, Enrico; May, Patrick; Dimmer, Kai Stefan; Fitzgerald, Julia Catherine; Grünewald, Anne; Krüger, Rejko

in Antioxidants & redox signaling (2019)

Full Text
See detailIntegrated Analyses of Microbiome and Longitudinal Metabolome Data Reveal Microbial-Host Interactions on Sulfur Metabolism in Parkinson’s Disease
Hertel, Johannes; Harms, Amy C.; Heinken, Almut; Baldini, Federico; Thinnes, Cyrille C.; Glaab, Enrico; Vasco, Daniel; Pietzner, Maik; Stewart, Isobel D.; Wareham, Nicholas J.; Langenberg, Claudia; Trenkwalder, Claudia; Krüger, Rejko; Hankemeier, Thomas; Fleming, Ronan M.T.; Mollenhauer, Brit; Thiele, Ines

in Cell Reports (2019), 29(7), 1767-1777

Full Text
See detailImpaired serine metabolism complements LRRK2-G2019S pathogenicity in PD patients
Nickels, Sarah; Walter, Jonas; Bolognin, Silvia; Gerard, Deborah; Jäger, Christian; Qing, Xiaobing; Tisserand, Johan; Jarazo, Javier; Hemmer, Kathrin; Harms, Amy; Halder, Rashi; Lucarelli, Philippe; Berger, Emanuel; Antony, Paul; Glaab, Enrico; Hankemeier, Thomas; Klein, Christine; Sauter, Thomas; Sinkkonen, Lasse; Schwamborn, Jens Christian

in Parkinsonism and Related Disorders (2019)

Full Text
See detailBSA4Yeast: Web-based quantitative trait locus linkage analysis and bulk segregant analysis of yeast sequencing data
Zhang, Zhi; Jung, Paul; Groues, Valentin; May, Patrick; Linster, Carole; Glaab, Enrico

in GigaScience (2019), 8(6), 060

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Full Text
See detail3D Cultures of Parkinson's Disease‐Specific Dopaminergic Neurons for High Content Phenotyping and Drug Testing
Bolognin, Silvia; Fossépré, Marie; Qing, Xiaobing; Jarazo, Javier; Ščančar, Janez; Lucumi Moreno, Edinson; Nickels, Sarah; Wasner, Kobi; Ouzren, Nassima; Walter, Jonas; Grünewald, Anne; Glaab, Enrico; Salamanca, Luis; Fleming, Ronan M. T.; Antony, Paul; Schwamborn, Jens Christian

in Advanced Science (2018)

Full Text
See detailComputational systems biology approaches for Parkinson's disease
Glaab, Enrico

in Cell and Tissue Research (2018), 373(1), 91109

Full Text
See detailCombining PET imaging and blood metabolomics data to improve machine learning models for Parkinson’s disease diagnosis
Glaab, Enrico; Trezzi, Jean-Pierre; Greuel; Jäger, Christian; Hodak, Zdenka; Timmermann, Lars; Tittgemeyer, Marc; Diederich, Nico Jean; Eggers, Carsten

Poster (2018, October 08)

Full Text
See detailFDG-PET and metabolomics in PD-associated GBA variants
Greuel, Andrea; Trezzi, Jean-Pierre; Glaab, Enrico; Jäger, Christian; Hodak, Zdenka; Lohmann, Katja; Klein, Christine; Timmermann, Lars; Drzezga, Alexander; Tittgemeyer, Marc; Diederich, Nico; Eggers, Carsten

in Movement Disorders (2018), 33(2), 599

Full Text
See detailA structure-activity relationship linking non-planar PCBs to functional deficits of neural crest cells: new roles for connexins
Nyffeler, Johanna; Chovancova, Petra; Dolde, Xenia; Holzer, Anna-Katharina; Purvanov, Vladimir; Kindinger, Ilona; Kerins, Anna; Higton, David; Silvester, Steve; van Vugt-Lussenburg, Barbara M. A.; Glaab, Enrico; van der Burg, Bart; Maclennan, Richard; Legler, Daniel F.; Leist, Marcel

in Archives of Toxicology (2018), 92(3), 12251247

Full Text
See detailCombining Metabolomics and Neuroimaging in mid-stage Parkinson’s Disease. A Proof of Concept for Cross-Fertilization.
Trezzi, Jean-Pierre; Greuel, Andrea; Glaab, Enrico; Hodak, Zdenka; Timmermann, Lars; Jäger, Christian; Diederich, Nico; Eggers, Carsten

in Neurology (2018), 90(15), 3066

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Full Text
See detailAbsence of regulator of G-protein signaling 4 does not protect against dopamine neuron dysfunction and injury in the mouse 6-hydroxydopamine lesion model of Parkinson's disease
Ashrafi, Amer; Garcia, Pierre; Kollmus, Heike; Schughart, Klaus; del Sol Mesa, Antonio; Buttini, Manuel; Glaab, Enrico

in Neurobiology of Aging (2017), 58

Full Text
See detailNeuroChip, an updated version of the NeuroX genotyping platform to rapidly screen for variants associated with neurological diseases
Blauwendraat, Cornelis; Faghri, Faraz; Pihlstrom, Lasse; Geiger, Joshua T.; Elbaz, Alexis; Lesage, Susanne; May, Patrick; Aude, Nicolas; Abramzon, Yevgeniya; Murphy, Natalie A.; Gibbs, J. Raphael; Ryten, Mina; Ferrari, Raffaele; Bras, Jose; Guerreiro, Rita; Williams, Julie; Sims, Rebecca; Lubbe, Steven; Hernandez, Dena G.; Mok, Kin Y.; Robak, Laurie; Camphell, Roy H.; Rogaeva, Ekaterina; Traynor, Bryan J.; Chia, Ruth; Chung, Sun Ju; International Parkinson’s Disease Genomics Consortium (IPDGC); COURAGE-PD Consortium; Glaab, Enrico; Balling, Rudi; Hardy, John A.; Brice, Alexis; Houlden, Henry; Shulman, Joshua M.; Morris, Huw R.; Gasser, Thomas; Heutink, Peter; Krüger, Rejko; Sharma, Manu; Simon-Sanchez, Javier; Nalls, Mike A.; Singleton, Andrew B.; Scholz, Sonja W.

in Neurobiology of Aging (2017)

Full Text
See detailMetformin reverses TRAP1 mutation-associated alterations in mitochondrial function in Parkinson's disease
Fitzgerald, Julia C.; Zimprich, Alexander; Carvajal-Berrio, Daniel A.; Schindler, Kevin M.; Maurer, Brigitte; Schulte, Claudia; Bus, Christine; Hauser, Anne-Kathrin; Kübler, Manuela; Lewin, Rahel; Bobbili, Dheeraj Reddy; Schwarz, Lisa M.; Vartholomaiou, Evangela; Brockmann, Kathrin; Wüst, Richard; Madlung, Johannes; Nordheim, Alfred; Riess, Olaf; Martins, L. Miguel; Glaab, Enrico; May, Patrick; Schenke-Layland, Katja; Picard, Didier; Sharma, Manu; Gasser, Thomas; Krüger, Rejko

in Brain : A Journal of Neurology (2017), 140(9), 2444-2459

Full Text
See detailBiomedical Data Science at LCSB
Glaab, Enrico

Presentation (2017)

Full Text
Hartl, Daniela; May, Patrick; Gu, Wei; Mayhaus, Manuel; Glaab, Enrico; Antony, Paul; Bobbili, Dheeraj Reddy; Köglsberger, Sandra; Pichler, Sabrina; Spaniol, Christian; Kurz, Alexander; Balling, Rudi; Schneider, Jochen; Riemenschneider, Matthias

in Alzheimer's and Dementia: the Journal of the Alzheimer's Association (2017), 13(7, Supplement), 648

Full Text
See detailGender-specific expression of ubiquitin-specific peptidase 9 modulates tau expression and phosphorylation: possible implications for tauopathies
Köglsberger, Sandra; Cordero Maldonado, Maria Lorena; Antony, Paul; Forster, Julia; Garcia, Pierre; Buttini, Manuel; Crawford, Alexander Dettmar; Glaab, Enrico

in Molecular Neurobiology (2017), 54(10), 79797993

Full Text
See detailMolecular Identification of D-Ribulokinase in Budding Yeast and Mammals
Singh, Charandeep; Glaab, Enrico; Linster, Carole

in Journal of Biological Chemistry (2017), 292(3), 1005-1028

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Full Text
See detailCrowdsourced estimation of cognitive decline and resilience in Alzheimer's disease
Allen, Genevera; Amoroso, Nicola; Anghel, Catalina; Balagurusamy, Venkat; Bare, Christopher; Beaton, Derek; Bellotti, Roberto; Bennett, David; Boehme, Kevin; Caberlotto, Laura; Campbell, Frederick; Chang, Yu-Chuan; Chen, Beibei; Chen, Chien-Yu; Chien, Ting-Ying; Clark, Tim; Das, Sudeshna; Davatzikos, Christos; Deng, Jieyao; Dillenberger, Donna; Dobson, Richard; Dong, Qilin; Doshi, Jimit; Duma, Denise; Errico, Rosangela; Erus, Guray; Everett, Evan; Fardo, David; Friend, Stephen; Fröhlich, Holger; Gan, Jessica; St George-Hyslop, Peter; Ghosh, Satrajit; Glaab, Enrico; Green, Robert; Guan, Yuanfang; Hong, Ming-Yi; Huang, Chao; Hwang, Jinseub; Ibrahim, Joseph; Inglese, Paolo; Jiang, Qijia; Katsumata, Yurik; Kauwe, Jo; Klein, Arno; Kong, Dehan; Krause, Roland; Lalonde, Emilie; Lauria, Mari; Lee, Eunjee; Lin, Xihui; Liu, Zhandong; Livingstone, Julie; Logsdon, Benjami; Lovestone, Simon; Iyappan, Anandhi; Ma, Tsung-wei; Malhotra, Ashutos; Maxwell, Taylor; Merrill, Emily; Nagorski, John; Alex Namasivayam, Aishwarya; Narayan, Manjari; Naz, Mufassra; Neto, Elias Chaibub; Newhouse, Stephen; Norman, Thea; Nurtdinov, Ramil; Oyang, Yen-Jen; Boutros, Paul; Pawitan, Yudi; Peng, Shengwen; Peters, Mette; Piccolo, Stephen; Praveen, Paurush; Priami, Corrado; Sabelnykova, Veronica; Senger, Philipp; Shen, Xia; Simmons, Andrew; Sotiras, Aristeidis; Stolovitzky, Gustavo; Tangaro, Sabina; Tateo, Andrea; Tung, Yi-An; Tustison, Nicholas; Varol, Erdem; Vradenburg, George; Weiner, Michael; Xiao, Guanghua; Xie, Lei; Xie, Yang; Xu, Jia; Yang, Hojin; Zhan, Xiaowei; Zhou, Yunyun; Zhu, Fan; Zhu, Hongtu; Zhu, Shanfeng; Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative

in Alzheimer's and Dementia: the Journal of the Alzheimer's Association (2016), 12(6), 645-653

Full Text
See detailExploring therapeutic viability of a non-dopaminergic target for Parkinson’s disease
Ashrafi, Amer; Buttini, Manuel; Garcia, Pierre; del Sol Mesa, Antonio; Glaab, Enrico

in Movement Disorders (2016), 31(2), 630

Full Text
See detailMitochondrial Defects and Neurodegeneration in Mice Overexpressing Wild Type or G399S Mutant HtrA2
Casadei, Nicolas; Sood, Poonan; Ulrich, Thomas; Kieper, Nicole; Helling, Stefan; May, Caroline; Glaab, Enrico; Chen, Jing; Nuber, Silke; Marcus, Katrin; Rapaport, Doron; Ott, Thomas; Riess, O.; Krüger, Rejko; Fitzgerald, Julia

in Human Molecular Genetics (2016), 25(3), 459-71

Full Text
See detailA study of the molecular mechanisms underlying the response of human colorectal adenomacarcinoma enterocytes to prebiotics and probiotics
Greenhalgh, Kacy; Fritz, Joëlle; Letellier, Elisabeth; Frachet Bour, Audrey; Baginska, Joanna; Shah, Pranjul; Desai, Mahesh; Glaab, Enrico; Jäger, Christian; Haan, Serge; Wilmes, Paul

Poster (2016, June)

Full Text
See detailConversion of non-proliferating astrocytes into neurogenic neural stem cells: control by FGF2 and IFN-gamma
Kleiderman, Susanne; Gutbier, Simon; Tufekci, Kemal U.; Ortega, Felipe; Sá, João V.; Teixeira, Ana P.; Brito, Catarina; Glaab, Enrico; Berninger, Benedikt; Alves, Paula M.; Leist, Marcel

in Stem Cells (2016), 34(12), 28612874

Full Text
See detailFunctional and phenotypic differences of pure populations of stem cell-derived astrocytes and neuronal precursor cells
Kleiderman, Susanne; Sá, Joao; Teixeira, Ana; Brito, Catarina; Gutbier, Simon; Evje, Lars; Hadera, Mussie; Glaab, Enrico; Henry, Margit; Agapios, Sachinidis; Alves, Paula; Sonnewald, Ursula; Leist, Marcel

in Glia (2016), 64(5), 695-715

Full Text
See detailToward Omics-Based, Systems Biomedicine, and Path and Drug Discovery Methodologies for Depression-Inflammation Research
Maes; Nowak, Gabriel; Caso, Javier; Leza, Juan Carlos; Song, Cai; Kubera, Marta; Klein, Hans; Galecki, Pjotr; Noto, Cristiano; Glaab, Enrico; Balling, Rudi; Berk, Michael

in Molecular Neurobiology (2016), 53(5), 2927-2935

Full Text
See detailA microfluidics-based in vitro model of the gastrointestinal human-microbe interface.
Shah, Pranjul; Fritz, Joëlle; Glaab, Enrico; Desai, Mahesh S.; Greenhalgh, Kacy; Frachet Bour, Audrey; Niegowska, Magdalena; Estes, Matthew; Jäger, Christian; Seguin-Devaux, Carole; Zenhausern, Frederic; Wilmes, Paul

in Nature communications (2016), 7

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Full Text
See detailTranscriptomic analyses of primary astrocytes under TNFα treatment
Birck, Cindy; Koncina, Eric; Heurtaux, Tony; Glaab, Enrico; Michelucci, Alessandro; Heuschling, Paul; Grandbarbe, Luc

in Genomics Data (2015), 7

Full Text
See detailInflammation Promotes a Conversion of Astrocytes into Neural Progenitor Cells via NF-κB Activation
Gabel, Sebastien; Koncina, Eric; Dorban, Gauthier; Heurtaux, Tony; Birck, Cindy; Glaab, Enrico; Michelucci, Alessandro; Heuschling, Paul; Grandbarbe, Luc

in Molecular Neurobiology (2015), 53(8), 5041-5055

Full Text
See detailBuilding a virtual ligand screening pipeline using free software: a survey
Glaab, Enrico

in Briefings in Bioinformatics (2015)

Full Text
See detailRepExplore: Addressing technical replicate variance in proteomics and metabolomics data analysis
Glaab, Enrico; Schneider, Reinhard

in Bioinformatics (2015), 31(13), 2235

Full Text
See detailThe Mouse Brain Metabolome: Region-Specific Signatures and Response to Excitotoxic Neuronal Injury
Jäger, Christian; Glaab, Enrico; Michelucci, Alessandro; Binz, Tina; Köglsberger, Sandra; Garcia, Pierre; Trezzi, Jean-Pierre; Ghelfi, Jenny; Balling, Rudi; Buttini, Manuel

in American Journal of Pathology (2015), 185(6), 1699-1712

Full Text
See detailInference of longevity-related genes from a robust co-expression network of seed maturation identifies new regulators linking seed storability to biotic defense-related pathways
Righetti, Karima; Vu, Joseph Ly; Pelletier, Sandra; Vu, Benoit Ly; Glaab, Enrico; Lalanne, David; Pasha, Asher; Patel, Rohan V; Provart, Nicholas; Verdier, Jerome; Leprince, Olivier

in Plant Cell (2015), 27(10), 2692-2708

Full Text
See detailGenePEN: analysis of network activity alterations in complex diseases via the pairwise elastic net
Vlassis, Nikos; Glaab, Enrico

in Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology (2015), 14(2), 221-224

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Full Text
See detailIntegrating Pathways of Parkinson's Disease in a Molecular Interaction Map
Fujita, Kazuhiro A.; Ostaszewski, Marek; Matsuoka, Yukiko; Ghosh, Samik; Glaab, Enrico; Trefois, Christophe; Crespo, Isaac; Perumal, Thanneer Malai; Jurkowski, Wiktor; Antony, Paul; Diederich, Nico; Buttini, Manuel; Kodama, Akihiko; Satagopam, Venkata; Eifes, Serge; del Sol Mesa, Antonio; Schneider, Reinhard; Kitano, Hiroaki; Balling, Rudi

in Molecular Neurobiology (2014)

Full Text
See detailAddressing Technical Replicate Variance in Omics Data Analysis
Glaab, Enrico; Schneider, Reinhard

Poster (2014)

See detailDynamic modelling of ROS management and ROS-induced mitophagy
Kolodkin, Alexey; Ignatenko, Andrew; Sangar, Vineet; Glaab, Enrico; Peters, Bernhard; Price, Nathan; Brady, Nathan; Balling, Rudi

Poster (2014, June)

See detailROS-management in Parkinson’s disease: Dynamic blue-print domino-based model and design principles study. Dynamic modelling of ROS management and ROS-induced mitophagy
Kolodkin, Alexey; Ignatenko, Andrew; Sangar, Vineet; Simeonidis, Vangelis; Glaab, Enrico; Peters, Bernhard; Brady, Nathan; Price, Nathan; Balling, Rudi

Poster (2014, October)

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Full Text
See detailFunctional Genomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics and Bioinformatics for Systems Biology
Ballereau, S.; Glaab, Enrico; Kolodkin, Alexey; Chaiboonchoe, A.; Biryukov, Maria; Vlassis, Nikos; Ahmed, H.; Pellet, J.; Baliga, N.; Hood, Leroy; Schneider, Reinhard; Balling, Rudi; Auffray, C.

in Prokop, Ales; Csukás, Bela (Eds.) Systems Biology: Integrative Biology and Simulation Tools (2013)

Full Text
See detailNetwork analysis for systems biology
Chaiboonchoe, A.; Jurkowski, Wiktor; Pellet, J.; Glaab, Enrico; Kolodkin, Alexey; Raussel, Antonio; Le Béchec, Antony; Meyniel, L.; Ballereau, S.; Crespo, Isaac; Ahmed, H.; Volpert, V.; Lotteau, V.; Baliga, N.; Hood, Leroy; del Sol, A.; Balling, Rudi; Auffray, C.

in Prokop, Aleš; Csukás (Eds.) Springer book in Systems Biology, Vol.1: Systems Biology:, Integrative Biology and Simulation Tools (2013)

Full Text
See detailOn different aspects of network analysis in systems biology
Chaiboonchoe, Amphun; Jurkowski, Wiktor; Pellet, Johann; Glaab, Enrico; Kolodkin, Alexey; Raussel, Antonio; Le Béchec, Antony; Ballereau, Stéphane; Meyniel, Laurene; Crespo, Isaac; Ahmed, Hassan; Volpert, Vitaly; Lotteau, Vincent; Baliga, Nitin; Hood, Leroy; Sol, Antonio del; Balling, Rudi; Auffray, Charles

in Systems Biology (2013), 1

See detailMeta-omic Analyses of the Microbiome in a Family Study of Diabetes Mellitus
Heintz, Anna; May, Patrick; Lebrun, Laura; Ferrand, J; Trezzi, Jean-Pierre; Collignon, S; Wampach, Linda; Glaab, Enrico; Laczny, Cedric Christian; Martins Conde, Patricia; Kaysen, Anne; Schneider, Jochen; Hiller, Karsten; Hogan, Angela; Wilmes, Paul; de Beaufort, Carine

Poster (2013, October)

Full Text
See detailCondensing the omics fog of microbial communities
Muller, Emilie; Glaab, Enrico; May, Patrick; Vlassis, Nikos; Wilmes, Paul

in Trends in Microbiology (2013), 21(7), 325333

Full Text
See detailThe Parkinson's Disease Map: A Framework for Integration, Curation and Exploration of Disease-related Pathways
Ostaszewski, Marek; Fujita, Kazuhiro; Matsuoka, Yukiko; Ghosh, Samik; Glaab, Enrico; Trefois, Christophe; Crespo, Isaac; Perumal, Thanneer Malai; Jurkowski, Wiktor; Antony, Paul; Diederich, Nico; Buttini, Manuel; Kolodkin, Alexey; Kodama, Akihiko; Satagopam, Venkata; Biryukov, Maria; Eifes, Serge; del Sol Mesa, Antonio; Schneider, Reinhard; Kitano, Hiroaki; Balling, Rudi

Poster (2013, March 09)

Full Text
See detailNetwork deregulation analysis in complex diseases via the pairwise elastic net
Vlassis, Nikos; Glaab, Enrico

in Proc 8th BeNeLux Bioinformatics Conference (2013)

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Full Text
See detailUsing rule-based machine learning for candidate disease gene prioritization and sample classification of cancer gene expression data
Glaab, Enrico; Bacardit, Jaume; Garibaldi, Jonathan M.; Krasnogor, Natalio

in PLoS ONE (2012), 7(7), 39932-39932

Full Text
See detailEnrichNet: network-based gene set enrichment analysis
Glaab, Enrico; Baudot, A.; Krasnogor, N.; Schneider, Reinhard; Valencia, A.

in Bioinformatics (2012), 28(18), 451-457

See detailConstructing a comprehensive map of Parkinson’s disease to elucidate underlying mechanisms of its multifaceted molecular pathology
Trefois, Christophe; Fujita, A. K.; Ostaszewski, Marek; Matsuoka, Yukiko; Ghosh, Samic; Glaab, Enrico; Crespo, Isaac; Perumal, T. M.; Jurkowski, Wiktor; Antony, Paul; Diederich, Nico; Buttini, Manuel; Kodama, Akihiko; Satagopam, Venkata; Eifes, Serge; del Sol Mesa, Antonio; Schneider, Reinhard; Kitano, Hiroaki; Balling, Rudi

Poster (2012, August)

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Full Text
See detailFunctional Network Construction in Arabidopsis Using Rule-Based Machine Learning on Large-Scale Data Sets
Bassel, George W.; Glaab, Enrico; Marquez, Julietta; Holdsworth, Michael J.; Bacardit, Jaume

in Plant Cell (2011)

Full Text
See detailA genome-wide network model capturing seed germination reveals co-ordinated regulation of plant cellular phase transitions
Bassel, George W.; Lanc, Hui; Glaab, Enrico; Gibbs, Daniel J.; Gerjets, Tanja; Krasnogor, Natalio; Bonner, Anthony J.; Holdsworth, Michael J.; Provart, Nicholas J.

in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2011), 108(23), 9709-9714

Full Text
See detailA low protein diet during early gestation in sheep detrimentally impacts hepatic glucose metabolism in the adult offspring
Gardner, David S.; Rhodes, Phillip; Karamitri, Angeliki; Glaab, Enrico; Rhind, Stuart M.

in Proceedings of the Nutrition Society 2011 (2011)

Full Text
See detailRERG (Ras-like, oestrogen-regulated, growth-inhibitor) expression in breast cancer: a marker of ER-positive luminal-like subtype
Habashy, Hany O.; Powe, Desmond G.; Glaab, Enrico; Ball, Graham; Spiteri, Immaculada; Krasnogor, Natalio; Garibaldi, Jonathan M.; Rakha, Emad A.; Green, Andrew R.; Caldas, Carlos; Ellis, Ian O.

in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment (2011), 128(2), 315-326

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Full Text
See detailExtending pathways and processes using molecular interaction networks to analyse cancer genome data
Glaab, Enrico; Baudot, Anais; Krasnogor, Natalio; Valencia, Alfonso

in BMC Bioinformatics (2010), 11(1), 597-597

Full Text
See detailTopoGSA: network topological gene set analysis
Glaab, Enrico; Baudot, Anais; Krasnogor, Natalio; Valencia, Alfonso

in Bioinformatics (2010), 26(9), 1271-1272

Full Text
See detailCombining chondrocyte gene expression, literature mining and pathway/network analysis to extract biological insights from small-scale microarray data
Glaab, Enrico; Clutterbuck, L.; Bacardit, J.; Wood, A. T.; Mobasheri, A.

in Osteoarthritis and Cartilage (2010), 18(2), 169

Full Text
See detailLearning pathway-based decision rules to classify microarray cancer samples
Glaab, Enrico; Garibaldi, Jonathan M.; Krasnogor, N.

in German Conference on Bioinformatics 2010, Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI) (2010)

Full Text
See detailVRMLGen: An R package for 3D Data Visualization on the Web
Glaab, Enrico; Garibaldi, Jonathan M.; Krasnogor, Natalio

in Journal of Statistical Software (2010), 36(8), 1-18

Full Text
See detailLuminal-like oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer: identification of prognostic biological subclasses
Habashy, H.O.; Powe, D.G.; Ball, G.; Glaab, Enrico; Soria, D.; Garibaldi, J.; Krasnogor, N.; Green, A.R.; Caldas, C.; Ellis, I.O.

in European Journal of Cancer Supplements (2010), 8(3), 91

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Full Text
See detailArrayMining: a modular web-application for microarray analysis combining ensemble and consensus methods with cross-study normalization
Glaab, Enrico; Garibaldi, Jonathan M.; Krasnogor, N.

in BMC Bioinformatics (2009), 10(1), 358-358

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