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2022 Brainstorm Projects

QuFiCh: Intersections Between Quantum Fields and Quantum Chemistry

by A. Tkatchenko, A. Del Campo Echevarria and A. Chenu

Quantum chemistry and quantum field theory correspond to two disparate research fields, which for a long time have shown no practical intersections.

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BRAINHEALTH-POLICY: Population brain health as a new criterion to inform policymaking: Life-course and gender considerations

by A. Leist, S. Zanaj - University of Luxembourg and A. Bertogg - University of Konstanz (Germany)

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SEEDS: Scientization Events and Expansion across Disciplines in Society

by J. Dusdal and J. Pang

The creation of scientific knowledge across disciplines grows and increasingly spreads globally. However, we know less about how scientific breakthroughs diffuse and reshape (multi)disciplinary fields, ultimately impacting society at large.

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