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Quiz Astigmath: great success for the first edition

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Publié le vendredi 08 mai 2020

On 29 April 2020, the Department of Mathematics at the University of Luxembourg hosted an interactive online trivia game called "Astigmath: le quiz qui corrige votre vision des mathématiques". Intended for all ages, this inaugural version attracted over 250 participants who were asked questions about mathematics, its history and its famous contributors. A lot had to do with research in mathematics, which is very different from things you see in school.

The quiz was created and hosted by two mathematicians, Hugo Parlier and Bruno Teheux, from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Luxembourg, who made jokes and added interesting bits of information at each question, making the experience very fun and relaxed; far from how people imagine a math quiz! For them, the idea of organising this quiz came from their passion for sharing the beauty and wonder of mathematics with others, especially young people, who could have a brilliant future in the field but might not know it yet. This duo of math enthusiasts has already hosted “math booths” in two editions of the Luxembourg Science Festival and in one edition of the Researchers’ Days.

Participants learned mathematical facts about everyday things like the Apple Inc. logo, triangles, and financial assets. The questions about famous researchers who contributed to mathematics nicely highlighted the role played by both men and women, which helps to combat existing stereotypes about mathematicians.

The quiz was possible thanks to the technical support provided by the media centre of the University of Luxembourg.

Real success for the first edition

“I enjoyed it so much that I would have wanted to have many more questions. I’ll definitely take part in the next quiz!” (Nina, 12 years old)

“I knew it was meant for older kids but I was very curious about the questions they would ask. I really liked the images of geometric shapes they showed. When I grow up, I want to be a mathematician.” (Elsa, 9 years old)

“I played with my two daughters and my brother in law and we had a lot of fun!” (Vincent)

“Congratulations, it was fantastic! Thanks from the lycée of Longwy ” (Emmanuel)

“SUPER!!! I would love to do it again!!!” (Sabine)

“Great! How about a quiz on computer science?” (Léo)

2nd edition on 12 May 2020 

The next one is in English, is scheduled for 12 May 2020 at 17:00, and will feature Amie Wilkinson from the University of Chicago as a special guest. May 12 is the international day for Women in Mathematics, so come celebrate in style!

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