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Researchers'Days 2018

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Date de l'événement : vendredi 30 novembre 2018 09:00 - samedi 01 décembre 2018 18:00
Lieu : Rockhal

The Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC) will participate in the Researchers'Days on 30 November-1 December 2018 in the Rockhal with interactive workshops.

The following workshops will be offered to visitors: 


Coordinator: Alex Biryukov



E-mail, chat, online banking... what protects your secrets on the Internet? Cryptography! Join us at our booth to play fun games through which we show you how cryptography works and what methods are used to encrypt data and how to break encryption.

Collecter de l'énergie verte

Coordinator: Phil Dale


Discover how materials science provides solutions to today's energy problems. Set up a solar power plant, follow the "right" solar energy, build your own vibrating energy collector and enjoy the soft sound of music played by mechanical vibrations.

Unpuzzling Mathematics

Coordinator: Bruno Teheux


Immerse yourself in a colourful mathematical universe through a space of games and suspense that will allow you to live as a mathematician for the duration of a workshop. No calculation, no equation... just the pleasure of thinking and surpassing yourself!

Ma vie de robot

Coordinator: Jean BotevFrancisco Lera


In its daily life, a social robot processes a multitude of information to perceive and interact with the humans around it. Through the use of virtual reality systems, visitors will be able to observe and understand first-hand the exhausting life of a robot.

In addition, three science cafes will be offered: 

  • Quelles mathématiques pour le monde de demain ? 
  • Mes parents ont-ils utilisé toute l'électricité? En reste t-il encore pour moi?
  • La vie d'un micro-organisme: de minuscules merveilles dans un monde en mutation?



Researchers Days