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Fondation Cancer: 417,400€ grant for skin cancer research

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Publié le lundi 28 mai 2018

Three researchers from the Life Sciences Research Unit (LSRU) at the University of Luxembourg received a 417,400€ grant from the Fondation Cancer in order to investigate the role of the secretome in melanoma progression. 

Melanoma is the most aggressive skin cancer. Despite the recent introduction of treatments such as kinase or immune checkpoint inhibitors, the disease progresses. Thus, the research project led by Prof. Iris Behrmann, Dr Stephanie Kreis and Dr Geoffroy Walbrecq aims to further study the role of secreted factors in intercellular communication between cancer cells and their microenvironment.

They will analyse exosome content released by melanoma cells and fibroblasts associated with melanoma. Exosome analysis and cytokines from patient serum and melanoma cells could lead to the identification of potential biomarkers. Then, they will study exosome effects on melanoma cells as well as microenvironment cells. They will also study how cytokines affect communication via exosomes.

The award was presented by Dr Carlo Bock and Lucienne Thommes, respectively President and Director of the Fondation Cancer.

Pictures © Fondation Cancer Luxembourg - From left to right: Lucienne Thommes, Prof. Romain Martin (Vice-Rector for academic affairs), Dr. Geoffroy Walbrecq, Dr Stephanie Kreis, Prof. Iris Behrmann, Dr Carlo Bock