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Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


The Master in Logistics & Supply Chain Managment is a 2-semester programme. It covers both theoretical and practical learning experience. Our graduates are prepared to face actual supply chain challenges and take their career to the next level.

Master programme timeline

Detailed Curriculum

During the summer semester starting, in addition to the core courses, students will have the opportunity to select a variety of courses to build an “à la carte” module.

Semestre 3 (Winter 2022-2023)

CM (hours)TD (hours)ECTS
TOTAL (mandatory / optional) 0 / 0 0 / 0 0 / 0
Analytical Methods and Data Science
Core courses57 7
Inventory Management
Core courses27 4
Supply Chain Resilience
Core courses12 0
Supply Chain Management
Core courses36 4
Personal Presence, Communication and Networking
Transferable skill courses18 1
Professional business Networking
Transferable skill courses27 1
Project Management in Supply Chains
Transferable skill courses15 1
Interview practice
Transferable skill courses3 0
Logistics Management
Track in Logistics & Supply Chain Management45 5
Process Management
Track in Logistics & Supply Chain Management18 3
Thesis preparation
Master Thesis13.5 4

Semestre 4 (Summer 2021-2022)

CM (hours)TD (hours)ECTS
TOTAL (mandatory / optional) 0 / 0 0 / 0 0 / 0
Supply Chain Finance
Core courses40 3
Professional Business Networking
Transferable skill courses36 1
Interview practice
Transferable skill courses4 0
Introduction to Supply Chain Leadership
Transferable skill courses44 2
Thesis Write up
Track in Logistics & Supply Chain Management0 14
Airline Fleet and Network Planning - fundamental
Customized track20 1
Airline Fleet and Network Planning - advanced
Customized track36 2
Maintenance and Service Logistics
Customized track32 2
Operations Strategy
Customized track32 2
Procurement Management
Customized track24 2
Supply Chain Compliance
Customized track16 1
Applied Machine Learning in Procurement & Supply Chain Finance
Customized track28 3
Negotiation in Procurement
Customized track28 3
Pricing and Revenue Management
Customized track32 2
Optimal Decision Making
Customized track32 2
Sustainability in Logistics Operations
Customized track16 1
Markov Decision Processes and Reinforcement Learning
Customized track40 2
Individual research project
Customized track0 4

Please note that the course details provided above are indicative and can be adapted.


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