Doctoral School in Economics, Finance and Management (DSEFM)

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  • A note on Stein's Overreaction Puzzle. LEHNERT T., LIN Y.
  • Skewness Term Structure Tests, in Applied Mathematical Finance, forthcoming, LEHNERT T., LIN Y.


  • Corporate Governance input market regulation. ROLLE G.
  • Corporate Governence and Idiosyncratic skewness: Evidence from external and internal provisions. LEHNERT T., ROLLE G. 


  • Healing through Liquidity Injections? RASMOUKI F.
  • Trade Credit and firm Comovements. BAMS D., BOS J. PISA M.
  • Airport congestion and inefficiency in slot allocation., PICARD P.M., TAMPIERI A., WAN X.
  • Endogenous Capital- and Labor-Augmenting Technical Change in the Neoclassical Growth Model., IRMEN A., TABAKOVIC A.
  • Does tax competition increase disparity among jurisdictions?,HAN Y., PIERETTI  P., ZOU B.


  • Skewness Term Structure Tests, LIN Y., LEHNERT T.
  • Is there a Bubble in the Art Market?, MARTELIN N., KRAÜSSL R., LEHNERT T.


  • Copulas and CoVaR – with Applications for the Energy Market, DECET R.
  • Corporate Governance and Idiosyncratic Skewness, ROLLE G., LEHNERT T.
  • Default, Size and Value Effects in European Equities, MICHALA D., GRAMMATIKOS T., FERREIRA FILIPE S.
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  • Nonparametric Copulas for CoVaR Estimation, DECET R.
  • On the Desirability of Tax Coordination when Countries Compete in Taxes and Infrastructure, IMW, Discussion paper, 476, HAN Y., PIERETTI P., ZOU B.
  • Skewness Risk Premium: Theory and Empirical Evidence, Discussion Paper in the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR Discussion Paper 9349), February, LEHNERT T., LIN Y., WOLFF C.
  • Stein’s Overreaction Puzzle: Option Anomaly or Perfectly Rational Behavior?, LEHNERT T., LIN Y., NICOLAS M.
  •  The Dynamic Implications of Liberalizing Global Migration, Ires Discussion Paper 2013-29,  DELOGU M., DOCQUIER F., MACHADO J.
  • The Dynamics of the Location of Firms – A Revisit of Home - Attachment under Tax Competition, CREA Discussion Paper 2013-15, HAN Y., PIERETTI P., ZOU B.
  • The Lure of the Brand: Evidence from the European Mutual Fund Industry, IREK F., HAZENBERG J.J., VAN DER SCHEER W., STEFANOVA M.
  • Who Benefits from Partial Tax Coordination?, CREA, Discussion paper, 2013-24, HAN Y.


  • Do Fund Investors Know that Risk is Sometimes not Priced?, IREK F., LEHNERT T.
  • Euro at Risk: The Impact of Member Countries’ Credit Risk on the Stability of the Common
    Currency, LSF Research Working Paper Series No. 12 - 04, BEKKOUR L., JIN X., LEHNERT T., RASMOUKI F., WOLFF C.
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