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Fondation Jacqueline NOEL extends partnership with

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Publié le mercredi 05 octobre 2022

The Fondation Jacqueline NOEL, under the aegis of the Fondation de Luxembourg has signed a three-year agreement with the University of Luxembourg to provide a merit-based scholarship “Bourse d’Excellence Jacqueline NOEL” to recently graduated University of Luxembourg students having defended their doctoral thesis in the fields of Economics or International Development..

The Foundation Jacqueline NOEL inaugurated the scholarship in 2021 by awarding FDEF Doctoral School of Law graduate Teresa Quintel for her thesis ““Managing migration by processing personal data within the adequate data protection instrument.” Under the new agreement, signed in July 2022, this support to University of Luxembourg alumni has been extended for a period three years. 

The Fondation Jacqueline NOEL was created in homage to Jacqueline NOEL, a world citizen and fervent European in the hopes of perpetuating Ms. NOEL's values and ideals, namely the belief that hard work and dedication can lead to fulfillment in one's life while creating positive change for the benefit of all. More about the foundation and the life of Ms. NOEL can be found on the Fondation de Luxembourg website.

The application period for the scholarship is open during the month of October. More information about eligibility requirements and how to apply is available on our partnership page.