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Student Associations, Clubs and Partners

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To be part of a student association or club and student life in general is paramount to experiencing a positive University experience. Student Associations provide students with valuable skills such as the ability to work in a team environment, to engage with the University beyond academics, and to belong to a family away from home. This type of engagement is essential to taking full advantage of the "University Experience".

This positive experience can provide students with the following opportunities: helping to network with other young professionals, development into well-rounded individuals, and showcase a student's abilities gained from their academic studies.


! COVID-19 !

Please refer to the University's guidelines for the organization of social events: To receive support in this matter, please contact 

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have had any direct or indirect contact with a COVID-19 positive person, please follow our guidelines:


Recognised Student Associations

ASA - Architecture Student Association

CCSA - Conscious and Cultural Student Association

CSA - Chinese Students' Association

DSAiL - Doctoral Students Association in Luxembourg

ELSA - European Law Students' Association

ESN - Erasmus Student Network

EWBLux - Engineers Without Borders Luxembourg

GSA - Green Student Association

Historic UL

ISAL - Indian Student Association Luxembourg



University of Luxembourg LGBT+ Students' Association

RSG - International Society for Computational Biology's Regional Student Group Luxembourg

SAUL - Student Association for University campus Life



Recognised Student Clubs - NEW



Amnesty International Luxembourg University Student Club

BitDance - Just dance a bit

Chess club

 UNI.LU Volleyball Club (ULVB)


Recognised Partners - NEW

Recognised partners support student life at the University but also have a broader spectrum, which can go beyond the University scope. The recognised partners are also considered potential partners for our student associations and clubs.


Criteria for new associations, clubs or partners


Workshops for student associations, clubs or initiatives


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Workshops_student life

Workshops for student associations, clubs and initiatives – winter semester 2021/22

Note: if you cannot participate during those dates or at this location, please let us know and we will try to find another arrangement.


A-Z for new board members

Thursday, October 21, 2021, 15h-15h45 in the Maison des Arts et des Etudiants, room 1.010


  • Letters & post
  • Changes to website and e-mail-address
  • Offices of the associations --> how does it work + tour
  • Logos
  • Pictures and the GDPR
  • Community Engagement Certificate

 To participate, contact


How to organize an event or an activity

Thursday, October 21, 2021, 16h-17h in the Maison des Arts et des Etudiants, room 1.010


  • Room reservations
  • The student lounges
  • Security & safety
  • Insurance
  • Advertising
  • Posters & flyers
    • Social media
    • Logos
  • Pictures and the GDPR
  • Calendar
  • Inclusion
  • Sustainability
  • Official authorizations
  • Subsidies (e.g. student delegation)
  • Community Engagement Certificate

To participate, contact


Submit or update your RCS / RBE – only relevant for associations

Thursday, October 28, 16h-17h (for RCS/RBE updates: 16h30 -17h) in the Maison des Arts et des Etudiants, room 1.010

Take with you:

  • For new associations: the (draft of the) statutes of your asbl -->
  • A LuxTrust token
  • The list of new board members with their personal information:
    • Numéro d’identification National OR, if unavailable, a foreign identification number (e.g. the number on their passport or ID)
    • First name(s) and last name
    • Date and Place of birth
    • Nationality /-ies
    • Place of residence (address)
    • Function in the ASBL (President, Vice-President, Secretary etc.)
  •  Bank account information from the association to pay for the changes

To participate, contact


Founding a new student association or club

Friday, November 12, 15h – 17h. For clubs: 16h - 17h in the Maison des Arts et des Etudiants, room 1.010


  • Write your ASBL status - only for associations
  • Recognition by the University
  • Recognition by the RCS & RBE - only for associations
  • Setting up your bank account - only for associations
  • Insurance questions

To participate, contact


Financial & activities report

Monday, July 11, 2022, 14h-15h in the Maison des Arts et des Etudiants, room 1.010

Take with you:

  • Your expenses (bills etc.)
  • The a.s.b.l.’s account overview
  • The data about your activities (dates, number of participants, effect, outcome)

To participate, contact