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Journal of Digital History

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Publié le vendredi 15 janvier 2021

The C²DH and De Gruyter Publishing Group are pleased to announce the creation of the Journal of Digital History.

The Journal of Digital History (JDH) aims at becoming the central hub of critical debate and discussion in the field of digital history by offering an innovative publication platform, promoting a new form of data-driven scholarship and of transmedia storytelling in the historical sciences. International, academic, peer-reviewed and open access, the JDH will be setting new standards in history publishing based on the principle of multi-layered articles:

  • the first layer will enable to produce transmedia narratives (narration layer);
  • the second layer will explore the authors’ reflection on the methodological implications of using digital tools / data (hermeneutic layer);
  • the third layer will give access to data and code through a professional infrastructure (data layer).The development of the publishing platform is ongoing. A first version is available, allowing (future) authors to submit an abstract.

The JDH welcomes articles from all subfields of (digital) history. Articles submitted to the JDH will be peer reviewed.

More about the JDH / Join us and submit an abstract!

You have an idea of an article but are not sure whether it could have its place in the JDH? Contact the managing editor.


The illustration was made by a software called "generative art" initially developped by Katharina Brunner (under the GNU GPL licence).