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Dear 2021 graduates,

A few years ago, if someone had told you everything that would happen before your graduation, you would not have believed them. A global pandemic did happen, though, and you rolled with all the punches that COVID threw and are now graduating. Congratulations!

In many ways, this period of your lives was great preparation for the real world. Dealing with and overcoming the unexpected are major differentiators in almost any professional environment that you will end up in, and you have now just completed a masterclass in overcoming adversity.

You were students for a few years but will be alumni for the rest of your lives. Over the last year, the University has started to build an Alumni Network and you recently received an invitation to join. When you join, you will receive details on how to take advantage of the GradPack. 

What is the GradPack? It is an exclusive package of discounts and networking memberships that will help you get started as you establish yourselves in the professional world. For the first time, you can also register for an alumni email address. You may be leaving (or already have left) the university, but the university is not leaving you ;). 

The GradPack is our way of helping you, our newest alumni, to get started in the professional world. But being alumni is also about giving back, and when you register for the Alumni Network, you are giving back. When you complete the Graduate Survey, you are also giving back.

We have worked closely with the Student Delegation to establish the 2021 Class Fund to recognise that giving back. For every registration for the Alumni Network and for every completed Graduate Survey, the University will make a contribution to the Class Fund, which will support incoming students for 2022 in difficult financial situations. Not only are you giving back, but you are helping the Class of 2021 pay it forward to future students.

Alumni networks are not build over night, so stay engaged as we build the network over the coming years. Send any ideas and suggestions to

Andy Adams 

Alumni Relations Senior Specialist 


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