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Course evaluations

Each semester, the FSTM asks its students to provide feedback on their courses during the course evaluation period. This feedback helps professors refine courses and improve the curriculum. It also provides important information to the Dean’s office about the student experience and the quality of teaching and learning.


The faculty is rolling out the Listores system for collecting and analysing course evaluation data – designed by the FSTM, for the FSTM. This system ensures timelier implementation and analysis of course evaluations, and long-term, greater freedom to adapt questions and reports to needs. To access the online course evaluations, just click here:  


Why am I being asked to evaluate my courses?

Student feedback is absolutely necessary to improve courses. Teachers and the University also learn from students – what works well and less well – for your learning. Students’ voices matter!

When and where can I do the evaluations?

The evaluation is a web-based application designed for PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. So you can access it wherever and whenever you want. Go to this link: 

Why do I have to log into the system? Is my input anonymous?

You are asked to log in to ensure that that you receive the correct list of courses to evaluate and that you only evaluate each course once. The system automatically does this verification; no human user accesses this information.

Will my input be treated confidentially?

Yes. Only aggregated results and statistics will be processed in the system. No student names are ever linked to these reports.

What is done with the information I provide?

Teachers receive an aggregated report for each course ONLY ONCE THE EXAM PERIOD IS OVER AND FINAL GRADES ARE POSTED to the Guichet Etudiant. Course directors receive all reports for each course in the programme. Teachers use the input received to adapt courses; and course directors follow up with teachers about how the input will be taken into account.

What type of input should I provide?

You are welcome to provide whatever feedback you feel necessary. In particular, we invite you to share: what works well and why it works well for your learning, and concrete examples and recommendations on how courses could possibly be improved. Remember the key principles for constructive feedback: be specific, use neutral/diplomatic language (no flaming, insults or personal attacks), provide concrete examples

Where and when can I find published results for the Faculty?

Aggregated results for the Faculty will be published at the start of the next semester. Your teachers may also decide to allow publication of their course evaluation results on the course’s Moodle session or their personal space of the university website. Ask your teachers about this.

Who do I contact if I have a question or concern, or if I want to report a technical problem?

Please feel free to write an email to or contact FSTM Quality and Process Officer, Pascale Janssens (MSA, Floor 16 or at


Pascale Janssens