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Quality initiative

The FSTM quality initiative focuses on ways in which the Faculty can enhance quality in teaching and learning by engaging with students, gathering reliable information and using it to inform decision making, and providing instructors with opportunities to share and learn about new and different practices in student-centred learning.

Framework for Quality

The FSTM Policy on Quality Assurance and Enhancement for Teaching and Learning serves to:

  • Build a common understanding of quality assurance and enhancement in teaching and learning
  • Build a common understanding of roles of different stakeholders in assuring and enhancing quality
  • Confirm the architecture of the quality framework and the mechanisms used

Working to enhance Quality

The FSTM actively works towards improving quality using the following mechanisms to empower stakeholders to participate and contribute to collective efforts:

  • Student engagement and feedback
  • Periodic programme reviews
  • Programme Steering Committee input
  • Exchanges on teaching practice (facilitator-led workshops, teaching showcases)
  • Recognition for teaching excellence and innovation


Pascale Janssens
Oliver Glassl