Course Directors


Iris Behrmann
Full professor en Biochimie
Jean-Luc Bueb
Full professor
Nicolas Guelfi
Full professor
Professeur Paul Heuschling
Professor in Cell Biology
Yves Le Traon
Full professor in Computer Science - Systems and Software Reliability
Prof. Dr. Ing. Stefan Maas
Full professor
Gilbert Massard
Director of Medical Education
Andreas Michels
Associate professor in Physics and materials
Volker Müller
Associate professor in Computer science, specialized in enterprise modeling and business software
Ivan Nourdin
Full professor in Mathematics - area : sochastic modelling
Peter Plapper
Full professor in Engineering science
Thomas Sauter
Full professor in Systems biology
Thomas Schmidt
Associate professor, FNR ATTRACT Fellow
Prof. Dr-Ing. Frank Scholzen
Associate professor in Supply engineering of buildings
Ulrich Sorger
Full professor
Holger Voos
Full professor in Engineering science
Danièle Waldmann
Associate professor