Ombuds team

In accordance with Article 4.7 of its Main Statutes, an Ombuds-Committee was constituted at the DSSE and is here to support you in case of problems, conflicts or any other issues with a colleague, a Supervisor, a Doctoral Candidate or administrative procedures.

Never let a problematic situation drag on.  Please, react as soon as possible.

The DSSE has established a team of “go-to-people” (Ombuds team) who can support you if you run into a problem or difficult situation. They will listen and discuss different solutions and scenarios with you.

We are aware of the power of imbalance between candidates, and supervisors and can offer advice on how to ameliorate critical situations.

The Ombudsteam is here to listen and offer an external opinion and advice. Furthermore, we can help with mediation or by guiding you to services or people within the university who are better equipped to assist you with specific issues.

Every contact or discussion with the Ombuds team is strictly confidential!






Prof. Dr. Serge Haan:

Vice-dean of the FSTM and Professor for Biological Chemistry. Evaluator of >30 PhD theses and PI of the project DESCOM (Doctoral Education in Science Communication)






Prof. Dr. Susanne Siebentritt:

Former head of DSSE;  physicist, successfully supervised more than 20 doctoral candidates, I am still in contact with most of them.








Dr Bruno Teheux:

Research Scientist at DMATH. Once upon a time, I co-set up the PhD student network in Uliège.





Dr. Michele Melchiorre:

Research scientist with a background in chemistry. Lecturer, and science communicator. I work daily in the research laboratories together with students/scientists.






Dr. Inês Crisóstomo:

Biologist by training and facilitator by trade. Working at the Gender and Equality Office to implement a mentoring program for researchers & freelance trainer and Coach. I work towards empowering people and advance research culture.




Dr. Inmaculada Peral Alonso:

I am a research facilitator at the with a long research career in experimental physics. Since 2021 I am also a life/career coach for researchers aiming to facilitate meaningful, lasting personal growth.





Aline Vander Borght:

Doctoral School Facilitator, working in doctoral schools for about 10 years, I have met many Doctoral Candidates with various questions and situations.


The tasks of the DSSE Ombuds persons include:

  • Doctoral candidates active listening and support
  • Facilitate the dialogue between conflicting parties (if requested)
  • Act as contact person in case of unresolved problems and conflicts within the Doctoral School, e.g., between a doctoral candidate and a supervisor
  • Be a neutral party to support and mediate the solution of problems
  • Be responsible for resolving disputes where possible
  • Conduct an investigation in case of serious conflicts
  • Work according to the Code of ethics and practices of the international Ombudsman Association

Additional support structures at UL: