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Doctoral Candidate Council

In accordance with Article 4.5 of its Main Statutes, the DSSE has constituted a Doctoral Candidate Council.

The Doctoral Candidate Council consists of the Doctoral Candidate Programme Representatives from all programmes. The term for Doctoral Candidate Representatives is one year, re-election is possible.

Main tasks of the Doctoral Candidate Council:

  • Represent the doctoral candidates in the DSSE
  • Elect the Doctoral Candidate Representative(s) in the Members’ Council for a term of one year.
  • Advise the Members' Council (e.g. via the Doctoral Candidate Representative(s))
  • The Doctoral Candidate Programme Representatives will advise the Programme Committees in their respective discipline

Tasks of the Doctoral Candidate Representative(s) in the Members’ Council:

  • Represent the doctoral candidates
  • Advise the members council

The current members are:

Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and Applications


Alexandre LECESTRE 



Doctoral Programme in Physics and Materials Science


Yiwei ZHANG 


Doctoral programme in Computer Science and Computer Engineering


Ninghan CHEN


Doctoral programme in Computational Sciences

Saurabh Deshpande

Aflah Elouneg (substitute)


Doctoral Programme in Systems and Molecular Biomedicine

Devrim Gunyel

Davide Franchina


Doctoral Programme in Mechanical/Electro and Communications Engineering

Yamila Omar

Ahmed Soliman