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Where there’s a problem, there's a start-up: Engineering by ASETS-LUX

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Publié le vendredi 15 janvier 2021

For over a century, the steel industry brought prosperity to Luxembourg and its population and left its mark on Luxembourg economy, society and landscapes. The knowledge and resources of this history provided a fertile ground for ambitious start-up ASETS-LUX to develop its cloud-based engineering simulations addressing the early stage engineering concerns of industrial plants.

ASETS-LUX offers an innovative integrated design platform for plant engineering in the vertical areas of Oil & Gas, Biodiesel, Power, Bio feed mass, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Water Treatment, etc. The start-up, which obtained an FNR Industrial Fellowship grant, aims to provide engineering firms with productive solutions to perform efficient design. Their platform enables higher competitiveness by enhancing early stage design productivity in the plant engineering sector.

“The prime constraint to efficient engineering is existing technology”, explains founder Ashwini Oke. “There are several technology tools in the market, each addressing a different aspect of plant design. However, the success of plant engineering lies in effectively, meticulously connecting all the multidiscipline data, such as data from structural, mechanical, piping or process departments. This is currently still performed using human intervention and on paper. Companies are looking for ways to connect the silos technologies and so far, no significant improvement has occurred.”

ASETS-LUX's answer to this is its Integrated Design Software (IDS). An end-to-end platform encompassing process, piping and structural design disciplines, with comprehensive functionality on one unified platform.

In October, ASETS-LUX stood out among 150 start-ups from around the world and reached the final round of Fit4Start, Luxembourg’s start-up acceleration programme. ASETS-LUX is incubated within the University of Luxembourg Incubator and is part of its Venture Mentoring Service programme.

The start-up continues its technical collaborations with the University as well as with DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt). It is working with Prof. Bernhard Peters at the University and Dr. Simone Ancelotti, to develop state-of-the-art collaborative models that will benefit the industry.

ASETS-LUX is featured on the AVEVA Digital Exchange and has a technology partnership with AVEVA, the market leader in plant modelling software. With a platform that is integrated as a plug-in to AVEVA’s E3D suite, ASETS-LUX offers a truly integrated plant modelling, analysis and design experience. Furthermore, that enables the ready and extensive global installed base of E3D users, to access a simulation solution that is a logical extension of their familiar modelling environment.

In addition to the industrial fellowship, FNR has also granted ASETS-LUX with a BRIDGES grant to develop an easy and intuitive plug-and-play tool embedded inside ASETS-LUX's proprietary IDS 3d graphical interface technology that allows simultaneous analysis of the dynamic process behaviour i.e. combustion in conjunction with mechanical loads. An accurate prediction of the plant dynamics is easily integrated into the design and operations including detailed engineering addressing flexible operation due to intermittent renewable energy sources e.g. wind power and more recently hydrogen fuel technology. In particular, the latter is addressed by applying state-of-the-art optimisation tools. The project is a collaboration between ASETS-LUX, University of Luxembourg, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR), Germany and UAB Enerstena, Lithuania.