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Seeds for the Future program

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Date de l'événement : lundi 29 août 2022 09:00 - lundi 05 septembre 2022 18:00

Seeds for the Future is Huawei's flagship global CSR program. The program was launched in 2008. This program aims to develop skilled, local ICT talent and bridge communication between countries and cultures. By sharing our ICT expertise and experiences in the global business environment, young people from different countries can learn about advanced technologies in the ICT industry and accumulate ICT expertise and skills through the Seeds for the Future program, contributing to the progress of the global ICT industry.

The physical activities are as following:

1:visit EU parliament or commission;

2:visit Huawei cybersecurity center +interactions with Huawei Belux CEO

3:visit Huawei Leuven R&D center+ interactions with our experts

4:visit one of Huawei digital energy project: Abattoir project or Flaoting PV project;

5:visit the Thor park - to be confirmed


The online activities will include the following:

1.Mandatory courses :

ICT courses: 5G, AI, Cloud Computing, Digital Power (After June) – Entry level;

2.Elective courses:

About Huawei: Who is Huawei, Huawei's flagship store and campus virtual tour

ICT related: IoT, smart home, cyber security, digital trade, smart city, data and industry trends

Leadership: Leadership skills, cross-cultural management, and strategic leadership

Prospectives: Macro-economic policies, semiconductor, aerospace, and 3D vision

Traditional and Modern China: Chinese Materials Arts, A Bite of China, Secrets of the Forbidden City, Kunqu.


For more information about eligibility and application, please visit the website: Huawei - Seeds For The Future - HOMEPAGE or contact