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Book awards for best first semester BINFO students

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Publié le mercredi 01 mars 2023

Continuing with an established tradition, Prof. Franck Leprévost donated free copies of his books “How Big is Big? How Fast is Fast?: A Hands-On Tutorial on Mathematics of Computation” and “Order Matters!: A Hands-On Tutorial on Linear Algebra” to the first year students Klavdia Mikhailova and Soumiya Venkatavendan of the "Bachelor in Applied Information  Technology” (BINFO) who have achieved the best average results among all first semester students of the programme. Prof. Leprévost and the BINFO programme director Prof. Volker Müller congratulate the two students for their excellent results and express their hope that the two students will continue to excel in their future study in BINFO.  












From right to left: Franck Leprévost, Klavdia Mikhailova, Soumiya Venkatavendan , Volker Müller