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Centre for Childhood and Youth Research

The Centre for Childhood and Youth Research (CCY) comprises 3 professorships and 25 researchers with expertise in sociology, educational sciences, pedagogy, psychology, economics, and methodology.

We examine the conditions and opportunity structures of growing up against the backdrop of social change and inequalities. A range of theoretical perspectives and multi-methodological designs serve to research the links between policies, education and welfare systems, and social and personal resources for citizenship, identity, health, migration, participation, school-to-work transitions, and well-being.

Our social scientific examination of childhood, youth, and young adulthood produces unique insights that are highly relevant to policy.
We have a track record of academic publications and routinely engage in knowledge exchange and dissemination via scientific reporting (e.g., Youth Report), monitoring (e.g., Health-Behavior in School-Aged Children, Youth Survey Luxembourg), quality development (e.g, non-formal education), and documentation (e.g., Youth in Luxembourg).

Please consult our staff profiles below for further information on current projects and publications


Sascha Neumann, Head of Childhood Research

Robin Samuel, Head of CCY, Head of Youth Research

Helmut Willems


Biewers, Sandra

Catunda, Carolina

Domina, Oksana

Dujardin, Céline

Gutfleisch, Tamara Rebecca

Haslbauer, Julia

Heinen, Andreas

Heinz, Andreas

Hekel, Nicole

Kern, Matthias Robert

Kirchen, Julie

Meyers, Christiane

Nell, Josepha

Procopio, Alessandro

Residori, Caroline

Scheier, Elisabeth

Schembri, Emanuel

Schobel, Magdalena

Schulze, Tabea Sophie

Schumacher, Anette

Simoes Loreiro, Kevin

Sozio, Maria Eugenia

Van Duin, Clarie