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See detailDesigning and delivering an online research article writing course for doctoral students in Luxembourg during Covid-19
Deroey, Katrien; Skipp, Jennifer

in Fenton, James; Gimenez, Julio; Mansfield, Katherine; Spinillo, Mariangela (Eds.) International perspectives on teaching academic English in turbulent times (2023)

See detailUne brève lecture de « La vie poétique » à travers l’étude de la constitution de la mémoire autobiographique chez Jean Rouaud
Freyermuth, Sylvie

in Freyermuth, Sylvie; Mistreanu, Diana (Eds.) Explorations cognitivistes de la théorie te la fiction littéraires (2023)

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See detailExplorations cognitivistes de la théorie et la fiction littéraires
Freyermuth, Sylvie; Mistreanu, Diana

Book published by Hermann (2023)

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See detailChildren’s perspectives on their learning experiences during the pandemic
Kirsch, Claudine

in Developmental and Adolescent Health (2023), 2(4),

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See detailTranslanguaging in frühkindlichen Bildungseinrichtungen in Luxemburg – mehrsprachiges Handeln von Kindern und Pädagoginnen
Kirsch, Claudine; Mortini, Simone; Kemp, Valérie

in Meier, Jörg; İnci, Dirim; Blaschitz, Verena (Eds.) Handbuch Mehrsprachigkeit (2023)

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See detailDo learners need semantics to spell syntactic markers? Plural spellings in real vs. pseudowords in a French L2 setting
Klasen, Lisa; Ugen, Sonja; Dording, Carole; Fayol, Michel; Weth, Constanze

in Reading and Writing (2023)

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See detail“Crossing borders, connecting cultures”: an introduction to the special issue
Nienaber, Birte; Holzapfel, Nicole; Budach, Gabriele

in Comparative Migration Studies (2023), 11(7),

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See detailBlack Luxembourg
Tavares, Bernardino; Tavares Vieira, Aleida Evandra

in Kelly, Natasha A.; Vassel, Olive (Eds.) Mapping Black Europe: Monuments, Markers, Memories (2023)

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