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1. Articles in Academic Journals

Vortisch, A. (2023, April 13). The Land of the Fee: The Effect of Baden-Württemberg's Tuition Fee on International Student Outcomes. Education Economics.
Tampieri, A., & Romano, R. (in press). Arts vs Engineering: Choosing Consumption of and Investment in Education. Research in Economics.
Tampieri, A., & Poyago-Theotoky, J. (in press). University competition and transnational education: the choice of branch campus. B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics.
Schumann, M., Severini, T. A., & Tripathi, G. (in press). The role of score and information bias in panel data likelihoods. Journal of Econometrics.
Picard, P. M., & Kichko, S. (2023, April 23). On the effects of income heterogeneity in monopolistically competitive markets. Journal of International Economics.
Lopatta, K., Bassen, A., Kaspereit, T., Tideman, S., & Buchholz, D. (in press). The effect of institutional dual holdings on CSR performance. Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment.
Leon, F., & Zins, A. (in press). Regional foreign banks and financial inclusion: Evidence from Africa. Economic Modelling.
Leon, F.* , & Baraton, P.* . (in press). Do banks and microfinance institutions compete? Microevidence from Madagascar. Economic Development and Cultural Change.
* These authors have contributed equally to this work.
KORBI, F., Geraudel, M., & NAKARA, W. (in press). Toward an understanding of the implementation of management innovation in international joint ventures: A multilevel perspective. European Management Review.
Kaspereit, T. (in press). Event studies with daily stock returns in Stata: Which command to use? Stata Journal.
Jonard, N., & Cowan, R. (2023). Modular organizations and informal structures: Modularity, performance and the alignment of organizational networks. Industrial and Corporate Change, 32(1), 181-207.
Farnia, P., Kaspereit, T., Walker, T., & Xu, S. (in press). Financial performance and safety in the aviation industry. International Journal of Managerial Finance.
Dupuy, A., Carlier, G., Galichon, A., & Sun, Y. (in press). SISTA: Learning Optimal Transport Costs under Sparsity Constraints. Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics.
Deprez, L., Antonio, K., & Boute, R. (in press). Empirical risk assessment of maintenance costs under full-service contracts. European Journal of Operational Research.
Deprez, L., Antonio, K., Arts, J., & Boute, R. (2023). Data-driven preventive maintenance for a heterogeneous machine portfolio. Operations Research Letters.
Block, J., Hansen, C., & Steinmetz, H. (in press). Are Family Firms Doing More Innovation Output With Less Innovation Input? A Replication and Extension. Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice.
Batyra, A., de la Croix, D., Pierrard, O., & Sneessens, H. (in press). Structural changes in the labor market and the rise of early retirement in France and Germany. German Economic Review.
Bassen, A., Kaspereit, T., & Buchholz, D. (in press). The capital market impact of Blackrock’s thermal coal divestment announcement. Finance Research Letters.
Anesi, V., & Safronov, M. (2023). Deciding When To Decide: Collective Deliberation and Obstruction. International Economic Review, 64(2), 757-781.

2. Books

Polachek, S., & Tatsiramos, K. (Eds.). (2023). 50th Celebratory Volume. Emerald.

3. Chapters of Collective Works (including conference proceedings published in collective works)

Fletcher, D. E. (in press). I Want to Start My Own Business. Can I Ask Our Firm or Family for Help? In P., Jaskiewicz & S., Rau, Enabling Next Generation Legacies”: 35 Questions that Next Generation Members in Enterprising Families Ask. Ottawa, Canada: Teller School of Management.

E-Prints/Working Papers

Ruan, W., & Zou, B. (2023). Critical Mineral Depletion and Recycling: From the Perspective of the Cooperation and Open-Loop Competition. Eprint/Working paper retrieved from
Ruan, W., & Zou, B. (2023). Strategic Considerations of Critical Mineral Depletion and Recycling Under Markovian Competition. Eprint/Working paper retrieved from