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Internships for Bachelor’s and Master's

Internships that you were looking for

At the moment, Entrepreneurship Programme and University of Luxembourg Incubator offer three options for Bachelor’s and Master's students:

Build Your own Internship is unpaid and was created as a response to cancelled internships in 2020. Startup Internship is a new paid programme which allows students to get real-life working experience while also getting some income. External internships opportunities are coming in constantly so we encourage you to join our Facebook group to find out about them first hand from "Job board" unit there. For more details on each of those, keep reading the information provided below.

Build Your Own Internship

Build Your Own Internship is a 10-weeks online programme which brings students of the University of Luxembourg 10 ECTS towards their degree. Due to COVID-19 situation most summer internships were cancelled. Our very first remote entrepreneurship initiative brought together more than 30 Master and Bachelor students from three different faculties of the University of Luxembourg. During this programme participants had the opportunity to acquire the necessary entrepreneurship skills and develop their own ventures. Students' teams worked on education, community, financial, health tech and civil engineering ideas aimed at bringing sustainable positive change in our society. 


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As Prof. Till Dembeck said: “Build Your Own Internship started out as an experiment during the COVID-19 crisis. It was about offering students an alternative to cancelled internships but the results surpassed the original purpose by far, turning it into an enormously enriching experience for everyone involved. I saw rather shy and sceptical students turn into self-confident entrepreneurs in only two months thanks to the hands-on approach of the programme and to the devoted work of the Entrepreneurship Programme and Incubator team as well as the mentors”.

Two cohorts will be proposed in the Summer Semester 2021: from 1 March to 31 May (extended) and from 1 June to 31 July (fastrack). Please note that you need to have approval from the Study Director to take this course.

You can enroll here for the extended course and here for the fastrack course or contact us via email if you have any questions.

Startup Internship

This programme gives you the real experience of working life at a startup and provides the startups of the University of Luxembourg Incubator with the resource of a talented intern to help them develop their opportunities.

During the internship, you will:

  • gain an understanding of how an early-stage startup functions
  • be assigned to projects based on your skill set and the startup’s business strategy
  • experience true action learning by having an opportunity to immerse in the startup life
  • work side-by-side with the founding team and collaborate with UL Incubator

Our startups that are currently looking for interns:


External Internships

We are also helping students to find internships with our partners. Currently, the following companies are looking for interns:



fts global and the Henka Institute