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Master in Mathematics


The Master in Mathematics is a flexible high-standard curriculum that is close to the real needs of the students and the job market. Devoted to excellence, it offers a great variety of advanced courses enabling you to choose from four career-driven options.

- First year: Essential modern mathematical skills. Specialization via optional activities.

- Second year: Exclusively specialized courses matching the individual student’s professional project within the following directions:


  • Prove mastery of the relevant mathematical methods, further develop them and adapt them to new contexts.
  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of several areas of advanced mathematics and of their interrelations.
  • Analyse complex problems of other fields of science and technology, plan strategies for their resolution, and apply notions and methods of (pure and applied) mathematics to solve them.
  • Apply a wide repertoire of probabilistic concepts, computational science techniques and engineering-oriented methodologies of modern financial and industrial mathematics to real-life problems, and formulate suitable solutions.
  • Approach other related areas of knowledge and recognize interconnections.
  • Communicate mathematical information accurately and efficiently both to younger students or the public at large, as well as to an expert audience.
  • Cooperate effectively in a team and work independently.
  • Function professionally and give proof of open-mindedness, dynamism, competence, sense of responsibility, and willingness to take leadership if needed.
  • Manage risk appropriately and handle failure in a constructive manner.
  • Hone continuously their own personal and professional qualities, in particular via life-long and self-directed learning.