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Master in Information and Computer Sciences

Profile: Information Security

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this profile the student will be able to

  • explain the principles and techniques of information security
  • list multiple applications based on information security
  • apply the most important standards related to the management of information security in a given context
  • pursue life long learning of the new developments in information security


For detailed course information please refer to the Programme section.

Semester 2

  • Required Courses:
    • Algorithms for Numbers and Public-Key Cryptography
    • Principles of Security Engineering
    • Symmetric Key Cryptography and Security of Communications
  • Related Courses:
    • Software Vulnerabilities: Exploitation and Mitigation

Semester 3

  • Required Courses:
    • Cryptocurrencies and the Cryptographic Blockchain
    • Security Modelling
    • Security Protocols
  • Related Courses:
    • Fault and Intrusion Tolerance
    • Management of Information Security
    • Open Network Security