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Master in Information and Computer Sciences

> Teaching language: English

This Master programme is a continuation of the Bachelor studies as a first step towards the PhD. MICS starts with an orientation meeting where all new students get to know the professors and other students. The first semester is mandatory for all: it is dedicated to the fundamentals of computer science. By the end of the first semester, the student selects courses based on one or more profiles that she/he would like to pursue. Profiles are similar to specialisations with the added benefit that multiple profiles can be realised. There are currently five profiles:

The second and third semester offer specialised courses in the selected field, preparing the candidate for the final Master Thesis.

The MICS adheres to the Bologna agreement.




The MICS is taught by faculty members from the Department of Computer Science (DCS). Our primary mission is to conduct fundamental and applied research in the area of computer, communication and information sciences. Our goal is to push forward the scientific frontiers of these fields. Over 200 students pursue graduate and undergraduate degrees in Computer Science with individual supervision.

See also the Facebook post on MICS students at Morpheus Cup 2016:

Career Prospects

Our students will acquire the necessary know-how for high-level research and industry-oriented work. Currently we teach students from more than 10 different countries, we have national and international cooperation agreements with universities across Europe, US, and China, and the private sector. The multilingual and inter-cultural environment empowers students to work both individually and in multinational teams.

A warm welcome to the heart of Europe and to one of the most charming European capitals.

Financial Aid

Student job positions are available for incoming students. These positions allow immediate immersion into research projects; they will be offered to applicants with strong academic credentials. So if you are a high academic achiever we encourage you to apply to the MiCS since your chances of being offered one of these positions are excellent.

Further financial support measures include student housing available on demand and master students can apply for a scholarship during their first semester (award based on merit).

Ten Reasons

Still confused? We believe that our master programme offers a unique mix of features that makes it a smart choice.

Here are ten reasons for choosing the MICS:

  1. Flexible specialisation options: profiles are a unique feature of our programme that empowers students by allowing them to choose multiple specialisations and to perform interdisciplinary studies.
  2. Individual supervision and small class sizes: we limit the student intake in order to provide an optimal learning environment; active participation of students during lectures is encouraged.
  3. Early involvement in research projects: students have the possibility, via student job positions, to participate early on in scientific research projects thus giving them a better idea what research is all about.
  4. Ties to industry: the master thesis can be done for a company; this option is especially interesting for students who do not plan to do a PhD.
  5. Strong research: our master programme is taught by staff from the Department of Computer Science, the largest Department at the University of Luxembourg and also the one with the highest scientific output. In the last few years the DCS has pursued a strategy of hiring top professors from around the world.
  6. International and multi-cultural environment: both students and faculty come from many different cultural backgrounds, which makes studying computer science in Luxembourg so much more exciting.
  7. Quality of life in Luxembourg: in a recent survey by Mercer Consultancy, Luxembourg was ranked the safest city among 215 capitals and 17th in terms of quality of living.
  8. At the heart of Europe: Luxembourg is a short train ride away from cities such as Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt.
  9. Luxembourg is a major European and financial centre.
  10. Low cost: there is only a 200€ fee per semester for registering for the master programme.

Directeur d'études


Programme at a glance

  • 2 year full-time programme (120 ECTS)
  • Registration fees: 200 € / Semester
  • Around 20h per week of teaching
  • Teaching language: English
  • Campus: Belval