Doctoral Programme in Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Alex Biryukov (Ass.-Prof. Dr.)
Symmetric and applied cryptography, Side-channel and fault analysis, Privacy and anonymity, Embedded and mobile security systems security, Network security, Wireless communications, Problem solving, decisions and games.

Raymond Bisdorff (Prof. Dr.)
Algorithmic decision theory, Multiple criteria decision aid for selecting, ranking, sorting and clustering.

Pascal Bouvry (Prof. Dr.)
Optimisation, Scheduling, Meta-heuristics, Cloud/grid/parallel computing, Sensor and ad hoc networks, Energy efficient systems, Middleware, Simulation, Intrusion detection, Systems security, Gene/RNA sequencing, Gene regulatory network modelling.

Lionel Briand (Prof. Dr.)
Software testing, Validation and verification, Model-driven software engineering, Requirements engineering.

Jean-Sébastien Coron (Ass.-Prof. Dr.)
Public-key cryptography, Side-chammel and fault analysis.

Eric Dubois (Prof. Dr., CRP-HT associate member)
Service management science and engineering.

Thomas Engel (Prof. Dr.)
Computer networks, Network and system security, PKI, Peer-to-peer, Wireless and ad hoc networks.

Nicolas Guelfi (Prof. Dr.)
Software engineering, Formal methods, Model-driven engineering, Dependability.

Pierre Kelsen (Prof. Dr.)
Domain-specific modelling languages, Formal methods, Foundations of model-driven software engineering.

Yves Le Traon (Prof. Dr.)
Model-driven software engineering, Software testing, Code static analysis, Model composition, Design for testability, Empirical software engineering, Large-scale distributed systems, Evolutionary algorithms, Web-application security, Security policies, Android security, Model-driven security, Security testing.

Sjouke Mauw (Prof. Dr.)
Forensics, Security protocols, Security assessments, Verification, Privacy, Trust and recommender systems, Networking, Game theory, e-Voting, Access control, Digital rights management, Communication protocols, Formal methods, Concurrency and process algebra, Distributed algorithms, Model checking, Testing, Requirements engineering, Domain-specific languages, Visual specification languages, Bioinformatics.

Volker Müller (Ass.-Prof. Dr.)
Computer algebra, Algorithms for elliptic curves, Public key cryptography.

Nicolas Navet (Ass.-Prof. Dr.)
Embedded systems, Risk management.

Björn Ottersten (Prof. Dr.)
Signal processing, Image processing, Wireless communications.

Erik Proper (Prof. Dr., CRP-HT associate member)
Service science & innovation.

Steffen Rothkugel (Ass.-Prof. Dr.)
Communicative system software, Distributed systems, Mobile and ubiquitous computing, Document engineering.

Peter Ryan (Prof. Dr.)
Mathematical foundations of information assurance, Cryptography, Design and analysis of cryptographic protocols, Quantum information assurance, Secure voting systems, Theory of concurrency, Socio-technical aspects of security and trust, e-Democracy.

Jürgen Sachau (Prof. Dr.)
Systems and  control engineering.

Christoph Schommer (Ass.-Prof. Dr.)
Knowledge discovery and data mining, Social computing, Information retrieval and seeking.

Ulrich Sorger (Prof. Dr.)
Stochastic inference, Digital communication, Network traffic.

Leon Van der Torre (Prof. Dr.)
Normative multi-agent systems and deontic reasoning, Autonomous intelligent agents and their cognitive dynamics, Agreement technologies and computational social choice, Logic-based knowledge representation and Nonmonotonic reasoning.

Denis Zampunieris (Prof. Dr.)
Online learning, Proactive computing.