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Live Cancer Quiz (EN, FR & DE)
Date de l'événement : vendredi 23 avril 2021
Heure :  19:00 21:00
Lieu :  Online (Zoom)
An informative quiz night about cancer
Publié le jeudi 29 avril 2021
On 23-25 April 2021, an interdisciplinary team of scientists in Luxembourg invited the public to participate in three interactive online quizzes around the topic of cancer. Participants learned mor...
LUX:plorations Vol. 1 Science Comic Exhibition @Luxembourg Science Center
Date de l'événement : mercredi 02 juin 2021
Heure :  9:00 30-09 | 18:00
Lieu :  Luxembourg Science Center 50, rue Emile Mark 4620 Differdange
Science Writing Competition
Science writing competition: Pen writing research is everywhere
Publié le jeudi 10 juin 2021
Research is everywhere and it is for everyone! All scientists and researchers in Luxembourg are asked to prove this by participating in this popular science writing competition. Articles about scie...
LUX:plorations science comic nominated for GINCO Award 2021
Publié le mercredi 18 août 2021
The science comic "LUX:plorations - A Universe of Research Volume 1" is nominated for the GINCO Award 2021. The collection of short stories is on the shortlist for the “Best Shortform Com...
Winners of Science Writing Competition
Publié le jeudi 16 septembre 2021
Following the launch of the first Science Writing Competition by the University of Luxembourg in June 2021, the Jury congratulates the five winners for their excellent writing: Daniele Proverbio, L...
Science Comic LUX:plorations Vol. 2 out now
Publié le vendredi 05 novembre 2021
The University of Luxembourg just published Volume 2 of LUX:plorations, an award-nominated science comic. Local scientists and artists have teamed up to create eight short stories about science and...
Exhibition Science Comic LUX:plorations Vol. 2 @MSA
Date de l'événement : vendredi 05 novembre 2021
Heure :  8:00 27-12 | 18:00
Lieu :  Maison du Savoir Auditoires
Science Festival 2021: researchers share their passion for science
Science Festival
Publié le jeudi 18 novembre 2021
On the occasion of the Science Festival Luxembourg which took place on 11-14 November 2021 at Neumünster Abbey, researchers from the University of Luxembourg interacted with the general public to e...
Learning how to develop science workshops
Publié le mercredi 01 décembre 2021
Scientists learned how to develop hands-on and brains-on science workshops for lay audiences in a training offered by the Luxembourg Science Center.
University publishes a pocket guide about science communication
Publié le jeudi 13 janvier 2022
Interested scientists, researchers and science communicators can find theoretical knowledge as well as practical tips on science communication in this new publication of the University of Luxembourg.
Exhibition Science Comic LUX:plorations Vol. 2 @Luxembourg Science Center
Date de l'événement : mardi 25 janvier 2022
Heure :  12:00 24-02 | 17:00
Lieu :  Luxembourg Science Center 1 Rue John Ernest Dolibois L-4573 Differdange
How to become the world record holder for solving the Rubik's cube
Publié le lundi 31 janvier 2022
Sebastiano Tronto, doctoral student in Mathematics at the University of Luxembourg and 2021 World record holder for solving the Rubik's cube in the least amount of moves shares his passion about th...
LUX:plorations science comics at the Comic Con Brussels
Date de l'événement : samedi 05 mars 2022
Heure :  10:00 06-03 | 17:00
Exhibition LUX:plorations Vol. 2 @Luxembourg Learning Centre
Date de l'événement : mardi 08 mars 2022
Heure :  8:00 05-04 | 22:00
Lieu :  Luxembourg Learning Centre 7, Ënnert den Héichiewen L-4362 Esch-sur-Alzette
The Rubik Show
Date de l'événement : lundi 14 mars 2022
Heure :  17:00 18:00
Lieu :  Online (via Zoom)
Evade the Machines
Date de l'événement : mardi 22 mars 2022
Heure :  10:00 26-03 | 17:00
Lieu :  Luxembourg Learning Centre (Belval)
Escape game about machine learning
Publié le vendredi 08 avril 2022
More than 40 visitors played the escape game “Evade the Machines” from 22 – 26 March 2022 at the Luxembourg Learning Centre.
LUX:plorations at the LuxCon 2022
Date de l'événement : vendredi 08 avril 2022
Heure :  10:00 10-04 | 18:00
Lieu :  Centre culturel régional “opderschmelz” 1a, rue du Centenaire L-3475 Dudelange
Science Workshops at the Nuit de la Culture 2022
Date de l'événement : samedi 14 mai 2022
Heure :  18:30 21:30
Lieu :  Centre Omnisports Henri Schmitz Hall 2 34 Bd Hubert Clément L-4064 Esch-sur-Alzette