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Bachelor in Applied Information Technology – Continuing Education Programme

Programme Organisation

Each week, you will participate in lectures and practical work for small groups of typically less than 15 students. The requested work can be individual or group work. Most courses include the realization of practical projects, which will allow you to put into practice the provided theoretical knowledge. Courses take place over 4 semesters in evening courses (18h00 to 21h00), typically on 3 evenings per week. A total of four courses are taught per semester for a maximum of 140 hours of lessons, an average of 10 hours per week over 14 weeks.


The course evaluation is made by a continuous assessment (at least one intermediate examination per subject and semester) on projects, oral presentations, and final examinations. The exact modalities differ per course, but the emphasis is as much as possible put on continuous knowledge control, in addition to final examinations or project defenses. A student who does not pass a course will be allowed to continue his studies and to redo that examination later in one of the two annual exam sessions. In accordance with the rules of the Internal Regulations of the University, a student will have the opportunity to re-register at the University beyond 2 years to re-pass non-validated exams without additional cost. However, note that the maximal study length of 3 years may not be exceeded.