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Bachelor in Applied Information Technology – Continuing Education Programme


The Bachelor in Applied Information Technology - Continuing Education Programme (BINFO-CEP) offers a programme in information technology which focuses on continuing education for professionals. The main programme objective is the strengthening of both operational and theoretical computer skills of its participants. BINFO-CPE  provides foundations for basic theoretical knowledge in computer science together with a broad overview on several topics in information technology relevant for the professional world. Most courses are strongly project-based to deepen the practical skills on the concepts introduced in the class meetings. In addition to technical training, the Bachelor tries to enhance relevant soft skills of its students: bilingual French/English curriculum, teachers and classmates from different countries and different cultures.


At the end of the programme, the student is able to:

  • prove knowledge of advanced programming skills for different types of applications
  • explain key technologies important in information technology
  • develop the interest and skills base to continue with an academic study of the Master level
  • communicate in French and English, both written and oral, in a context of teamwork and interaction with people of diverse cultural and technical backgrounds
  • further develop his/her ability to work independently, analyze situations, anticipate problems and propose solutions in a variety of professional contexts