Master in Information and Computer Sciences

PhD Programme

The Master in Information and Computer Sciences is the first step towards the PhD programme. The Computer Science and Communications Research Unit has a very active PhD programme with about 60 PhD students currently enrolled.

Furthermore a Doctoral Programme in Computer Science and Computer Engineering has now been created.

Here is a sample of topics of recent PhD defenses that will give you an idea of the breadth of research carried out in the research unit:

  • Judgment Aggregation in Multiagent Systems
  • Design and implementation of Spaceborne Receivers for Vessel Localization
  • Social network analysis over dynamic graphs and application to urban mobile ad hoc networks
  • Sociality and self-organisation in next-generation distributed environments
  • Analysis of Resynchronization Mechanisms of Stream Ciphers
  • Security of RFID protocols
  • Resource-aware routing in delay and disruption tolerant networks
  • Cryptanalysis and Design of Symmetric Primitives
  • Efficient and Robust Spanning Forest for Topology Management in DT-MANETs: A Tree-Based Decentralized and Multi-Objective Approach
  • Federated and Scalable Network Overlay Approaches for Global-Scale Interactive Applications