Certificate - Smart ICT for business innovation

Certificate - Principles of Biobanking

Formation spécifique en médecine générale

European master of small animal veterinary medicine

Master en Sciences de l’Ingénieur – Efficacité Énergétique et Économique

Master of Science in Engineering - Sustainable Product Creation

Master of Science in Civil Engineering - Megastructure Engineering with Sustainable Resources

Master en développement durable

Master in Mathematics

Master en management de la sécurité des systèmes d'information

Master in integrated systems biology

Master in Information and Computer Sciences

Master of Science in Physics

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Our offer

Solid education in theoretical and experimental physics will help you foster autonomous scientific work and build up problem-solving capacities. You will be introduced to current research topics during the four semesters of the masters. The first year consists of lectures, seminars, and laboratory classes, whereas the complete second year is exclusively spend on your research project. You will carry out your research thesis in one of the four clusters of the Physics and Materials Science Research Unit:

  • Magnetic and Multiferroic Materials
  • Soft and Living Matter
  • Photovoltaics and Semiconductor Physics
  • Theory and Materials Modelling


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Bachelor en sciences de la vie - médecine

Bachelor en sciences de la vie - biologie

Bachelor en sciences de la vie

Bachelor en sciences et ingénierie - physique

Bachelor en sciences et ingénierie - mathématiques

Bachelor en sciences et ingénierie – ingénierie

Bachelor en sciences et ingénierie

Bachelor en Ingénierie – télécommunication

Bachelor en ingénierie – mécatronique

Bachelor en ingénierie – mécanique générale

Bachelor en ingénierie - "Europäisches Baumanagement"

Bachelor en ingénierie – génie civil: urbanisme et aménagement du territoire

Bachelor en ingénierie – génie civil: construction

Bachelor en ingénierie– énergie et environnement

Bachelor en ingénierie – électrotechnique

Bachelor en ingénierie

Bachelor en Informatique

Master in Production Animal Health

In collaboration with the World Veterinary Education in Production Animal Health (WVEPAH), the Master in Production Animal Health and the Certificate in Animal Health: Poultry Production are designed for professionals already active in the poultry industry who wish to broaden their knowledge in the area of poultry health and production.  (+ d'infos)

Interdisciplinary Space Master

The Interdisciplinary Space Master (ISM) of the University of Luxembourg is a building block for a new global space industry. The programme aims to generate a talent pool of highly skilled engineers and innovative entrepreneurs who will be able to create, shape and sustain leading commercial space enterprises and play an important role in the economy of the future.  (+ d'infos)

International Master of Science in Biomedicine

The University of Luxembourg, the University of Strasbourg and the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz have implemented a joint international study programme leading to the issuance of an International Master in Biomedicine. (+ d'infos)

Bachelor in Computer Science

Bachelor en Informatique - Formation Continue

La demande d’informaticiens diplômés est aujourd’hui forte sur le marché du travail au Luxembourg et devrait continuer à le rester par rapport à ce que l’on peut anticiper de l’évolution de l’économie et de notre société. (+ d'infos)