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Master of Science in Psychology: Psychological Intervention


MSc in Psychology: Psychological Intervention students acquire professional knowledge and develop professional skills in the field of psychological intervention. The programme enables students to become acquainted with both basic and applied aspects of psychological intervention research and to gain professional experience.

The master’s programme is geared to different areas of application of psychological intervention (clinical psychology, health psychology and other areas of applied psychology) and it offers students intensive preparation for work in psychological intervention and research.

The classes are run in close cooperation with nationally and internationally renowned scholars.



The MSc in Psychology: Psychological Intervention (a) deepens and broadens the knowledge acquired during the Bachelor’s programme and (b) teaches students to think critically about current psychological issues.

The main educational objectives are the acquisition of:

  • professional knowledge (content and methodological knowledge, including research methodology)
  • professional skills (skills in assessment and intervention as well as practical research knowledge)


Teaching languages

English and German are the teaching languages of the bilingual Master’s course.