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Master of Science in Psychology: Psychological Intervention

We provide outstanding research facilities, ensuring our students have state of the art equipment for their research projects. Researchers who can advise on areas from experimental set-up to data-analysis support these facilities.

Addictive and Compulsive Behaviours Laboratory (ACB-LAB)

The ACB Lab is specialized in the elucidation of the psychological processes involved in the development and maintenance of addictive and compulsive disorders, as well as the development of psychological interventions targeting the incriminated processes.

Clinical Psychophysiology Laboratory (CLIPS-LAB)

The CLIPS Lab is designed for the experimental investigation of psychophysiological processes that are important for health and the development or maintenance of chronic physical conditions and mental disorders.

Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (CNS-LAB)

Research in the CNS Lab aims at better understanding cognitive processes such as number processing, working memory and attention.

Laboratory of Psychobiology and Neurophysiology (LPN)

The lab of Psychobiology and Neurophysiology performs complementary psychophysical/psychophysiological experimental and clinical studies in humans as well as neurobiological and behavioral experiments in animal models. Additional more recently initiated psychophysiological research activities are devoted to endogenous pain control systems and their dependence on psychological processes like classical conditioning, expectancies and placebo-related effects.

Media and Experimental Laboratory (MEX-LAB)

The MEX Lab is well suited to cover a broad range of current experimental topics in media psychology. It also allows for testing of media-related topics in developmental psychology and cognitive psychology.

Psychological Assessment and Testing Laboratory (PAT-LAB)

The PAT Lab provides a collection of psychological assessment and testing tools such as questionnaires and tests for supporting research and teaching. It comprises assessment tools on a variety of psychological domains such as learning disabilities, mood, anxiety and personality disorders, quality of life, sport, human resources, work environment, and traffic. The tools are suitable for children, adolescents, adults, and elderly people and are available in German, French, English, or Luxembourgish.

Usability Laboratory (USE-LAB)

The Usability Lab develops research methodologies tailored to specific projects' needs and supports researches from other domains wishing to use this laboratory as a tool for their projects.