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Master of Science in Psychology: Psychological Intervention

Programme structure

The curriculum is organised in four parts:

1. Research-based methodological training (3 modules, 36 ECTS)

  • research methods
  • psychological assessment
  • intervention methods

 2. Theory-based training in different fields of applied psychology (3 modules, 36 ECTS)

  • clinical psychology
  • health psychology
  • applied psychology

Students can select four of the six courses offered in this module.

3. Practical work experience (internship, 1 module, 18 ECTS)

4. Master thesis (empirical, 1 module, 30 ECTS)




Semestre 2 (Summer 2019-2020)

CM (hours)TD (hours)ECTS
TOTAL (mandatory / optional) 0 / 0 0 / 0 0 / 0
Meta-analysis (Meta-Analyse)
Modul: Research methods20 3
On the way to structural equation modelling (SEM) (Der Weg zu Strukturgleichungsmodellen)
Modul: Research methods4 3
Analysis of change (Veränderungsanalyse)
Modul: Psychological Assessment20 3
Advanced psychological measurement theory (Vertiefung in psychologischer Messtheorie)
Modul: Psychological Assessment20 3
Interventions at the organizational level - systems (Intervention auf organisatorischer Ebene - Systeme)
Modul: Intervention Methods20 3
Interventions for acute mental crisis (Interventionen bei akuten psychologischen Krisen)
Modul: Intervention Methods20 3
Foundations of clinical psychological interventions (Grundlagen klinisch-psychologischer Interventionen)
Modul: Clinical Psychology20 3
Clinical interviewing (Klinische Gesprächsführung)
Modul: Clinical Psychology20 0
Health Psychology B: methods and assessment (Gesundheitspsychologie B: Methoden und Beurteilung)
Modul: Health Psychology20 3
School psychology (Schulpsychologie)
Modul: Applied Psychology20 3
Cultural psychology: theories and applications (Kulturpsychologie: Theorien und Anwendungen)
Modul: Applied Psychology20 3
Internship preparation (Praktikumsvorbereitung)
Modul: Internship2 0

Semestre 4 (Summer 2019-2020)

CM (hours)TD (hours)ECTS
TOTAL (mandatory / optional) 0 / 0 0 / 0 0 / 0
Internship (Praktikumsnachbereitung)
Internship6 18