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Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts - dépliant version française
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Our Master degree programmes

Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts


Depuis la création du Master en 2007, 30 étudiants en moyenne ont été acceptés chaque année suite à une procédure d'admission.

Travaux d'Étudiants

Les étudiants ci-dessous ont defendu leur mémoire de fin d’études sur les sujets suivant :


  • BONSENGE, Robine (06/2020): Digital Christianism on Social Media: A New Space for Religious Practices On-Line
  • DAKTINA, Liene (06/2020): A Case Study on Linguistic Diversity Management and Practices at the University of Luxembourg: Employee Perspective
  • GARIBYAN, Krystina (06/2020): Language shift in Educational Policy in Crimea after Annexation to Russia in 2014
  • GUSEVA, Veronika (06/2020): The Role of English as a Global Lingua Franca and Value of Local Language(s) in the Sociocultural and Educational Context in a Monolingual and Multilingual Environment: Perspectives Of International Students
  • KARAVAITSAVA, Nastassia (06/2020): The use of Moodle at the University of Luxembourg - Case study within the community of a master studies program
  • KEMP, Valérie (06/2020): The pre-literacy practices of a multilingual family in Luxembourg
  • KOUTSAKI, Markella (02/2020): Achieving A Common Corporate Culture at A Global Company
  • LORAN, Gilles (06/2020): Team Teaching in Luxemburger Grundschulen
  • MENGER, Annemarie (02/2020): Mehrsprachigkeit und Sprachliche Heterogenität in der Uniterrichts- und Schulrealität aus der Perspektive von Grundschullehrkräften
  • MULIRO, Edna (06/2020): The Nature of Multilingualism in Constructing Cultural Identity among the Kenyan Diaspora in Germany
  • OKEH, Linda (02/2020): Stuggles to fit in: A Qualitative Inquiry into Dual Identity, Racism and Linguistic Discrimination
  • ORAZI, Sammy (06/2020): Quo vadis, luxemburgisches Schulsystem?Auswirkungen der Grundschulreform 2009 aus der Sicht erfahrener Lehrpersonen
  • PELETEIRO, Mansoor (06/2020): EXECUTIVE COACHING: A Nexus Analysis of a coaching learning process
  • PLATZBECKER, Deborah (06/2020): Interkulturelle Kompetenz für Alle Expertenperspektiven zur Förderung Interkultureller Kompetenz mit Hilfe Öffentlicher Bibliotheken in Deutschland
  • POLOOGADOO, Raginee (02/2020): A Case Study: Neutrality Posture of the Mediator in Inter-Cultural Mediation
  • RUDYM, Iana (02/2020): Heritage language maintenance in the family context:  A case study of Russian-immigrant mothers in Luxembourg
  • SAUER, Xenia (06/2020): Personal Branding on Social Media: The Performance of Personal Branding on LinkedIn and its Potentials and Challenges
  • TCHAGNANG, Arline (06/2020): Plurilinguisme et intégration professionnelle des étrangers au Luxembourg : réalités et défis
  • VASARHELYI, Gabriella (06/2020): Data as Drama: An Exploratory Endeavour Through Performative Methods
  • VO, Kim Chi (06/2020): The role of food in the socio-cultural identity construction: The case of the Vietnamese community in Luxembourg
  • WAGNER, Isabelle (06/2020): Chancen und Herausforderungen von Interkulturalität als Modell gesellschaftlichen Zusammenlebens aus der Sicht von integrationsfachkundigen Mitarbeitern der Gemeinde Differdingen.


  • AMIRYAN, Karine (06/2019): Teaching Intercultural Communicative Competence in a Heritage Language School. An Action Research Project in Primary Education in Luxembourg
  • BOBOWSKA, Justyna (02/2019): Educating a responsible and creative citizen in the context of multilingual and multicultural society of Luxembourg
  • BRESER, Nadine (06/2019): Translaguaging: eine Fallstudie in der Luxemburguischen Vorschule
  • DAVIS, Rebecca (06/2019): Seeking Goodness: Discourse of morality, submission, and uncertainty among American evangelical teenage girls
  • FILIPCIC, Ivana (06/2019): The Language Practices in a Childcare Institution in Luxembourg
  • HAERANI, Agusmia Putri (02/2019): Language Integration of Adult Refugee Students of a Multilingual University: a Case Study in Luxembourg
  • HAID SCHAMLLENBERG, Lissa (06/2019): “Schulscheitern” aus konstruktivistischer Perspektive: eine untersuchung des spannungsverhältnisses zwischen schulkontext und lebenswelt von männlichen jugendlichen mit migrationshintergrund
  • HAMID, Baya (06/2019): Le choix de l'école chez la communauté arabophone du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg
  • KUSA, Yuliia (06/2019): Implementation and Challenges of Global Citizenship Education in the Context of Luxembourg
  • LAPLANCHE, Noémie (06/2019): Le rôle de la langue luxembourgeoise dans la scène musicale du Luxembourg
  • LIASHOVA, Alena (06/2019): Perceptions and visual representations of ‘HOME’: Investigating the perspectives of young Luxembourgers and migrants to Luxembourg
  • LOGHIN, Daniela (06/2019): Translation of Financial Metaphors in Legislative Acts of the European Institutions
  • LOUSTA, Eftychia (02/2019): A New law for Plurilingual Education in Luxembourg : A case study in one Luxembourgish Crèche
  • LOVRITS, Veronika (06/2019): Native speaker effects: A sociolinguistic study of stances towards the ‘native English speaker’ in a temporary junior position in a multilingual European institution
  • LUCACIU, Alexandru (06/2019): Gender first, Talent second? A Study on Gender Markedness in Rock and Heavy Metal
  • REICHART, Maud (02/2019): Construire son bonheur : Quand la société occidentale se tourne vers la philosophie bouddhiste
  • STEINHAUSER, Elke (02/2019): Revealing the Challenges of Intercultural Trainers: An Analysis of their Work with Special Attention to Heterogeneous Groups
  • SYCHKOVA, Elena (06/2019): "Constructing children's identities through digital storytelling": An exploration of young learners practices in a Russian complementary school in Luxembourg
  • TROSHKOVA, Irina (02/2019): What factors affect the language choice of Luxembourgers for watching screen media?
  • YIN, Sisi (02/2019): Investigation into Refugee's Language Practice and Integration. A Case Study of a Multilingual and multicultural Theatre Group in Luxembourg


  • CAMPEAN, Sorana Cristina (06/2018): Multilingual Advertising Practices in Luxembourg
  • COKL, Darja (06/2018): Creative marketing in a law library
  • FERREIRA, Raquel (06/2018): Silent sea of paradoxes. Communication challenges of linguistic minorities and ideologies around Deafness and multilingualism in the context of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg 
  • FANGMING, Lin (06/2018): WeChat as third space: a case study of Chinese immigrants using online social media WeChat in Luxembourg
  • HUANG, Ting (06/2018): Mothers’Language ideologies and practices - Family Language policies in three Chinese families in Luxembourg
  • KURIACKOVÁ, Ivana (06/2018): Translation of Culture Specific Terms in the EU Legislative Documents
  • LUBIEJEWSKA, Joanna (06/2018): Linguistic Practice, Family Policies and Identity Representations of Polish-French Bilinguals in France
  • MALI, Marija (06/2018): Migration East-West: How do the skilled Polish Women cope with the Multilingualism in Luxembourg. A qualitative Analysis
  • MANCAS, Ioana Alexandra (06/2018): Cultural Ideologies in Medical Services – Luxembourg versus Romania
  • PALAMIOTI, Katerina (06/2018): The Role of Communication and Social Media in the New Profile of the Terminologist. A Case Study: The Terminology Management in the European Parliament
  • PECHANOVA, Simona (06/2018): 'When we found this school, it was like a gift': Parents' School Choice in Luxembourg
  • RIVERA COSME, Gabriel (06/2018): Ideologies of Standardization: The Case of the Conseil Permanent de la Langue Luxembougeoise
  • SILONOVAS, Zuzana (01/2018): What is entailed in social play? Elements indicating and aspects influencing social play of young multilingual children
  • VAN DIJK, Eveline (01/2018): Discussing the need and usage of gender-neutral pronouns among LGTBQI people in multilingual Luxembourg
  • WITTMAN, Mathieu Jan Marc (06/2018): How to survive change, adversity and controversy. A case study about Sea Shepherd and their organizational identity as means to their longevity and success.
  • ZEMPELINI, Flora (06/2018): 'I am scared that she won't get along without me' An Analysis of Change in the Process of Language Brokering and an Examination of the Authoritative Role and Learning Strategies of the Broker in the Luxembourgish Context