Certificate in Sustainable Development and Social Innovation

Participants will develop the following competences:

  • to apply systems thinking to understand the complexity of society, environment and their interactions.
  • to respect the conflicting perspectives on an issue that are held by diverse experts and stakeholders, stemming from diversity in experience, values and world views.
  • to recognise uncertainties and tensions arising from the gulf between local and global perspectives and modes of inquiry.
  • skills in negotiation: respect, listening, giving and taking to find mutually acceptable solutions to complex problems.
  • an appreciation of alternative forms of social organization and enterprise for achieving a sustainable economic exchange system.
  • to develop ‘citizen science’ approaches and techniques for creatively integrating the social and scientific emphases of the two phases of the course.
  • to engage science and scientists productively in social learning processes with diverse groups of stakeholders for concerted action on local issues of environment and sustainability.