Certificate in Sustainable Development and Social Innovation


  • Professionals: the Certificate is designed to be compatible with a full-time job.
  • Students registered in any degree programme (Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D.) can enroll:
    • to obtain it as second qualification in parallel to pursuing their main degree whilst at the University
    • or they can take individual courses counting as optional courses towards their main degree.

Please read our guide for applicants carefully before submitting your application.



In order to apply, please write a letter of motivation of about one page and submit your Curriculum Vitae, following instructions on our University applications website.

The main prerequisites are fluency in the English language and a strong motivation to engage professionally and or personally to foster societal transformation for sustainable development.

Candidates shall pre-register with the University of Luxembourg by completing an online application form.

Please note that the Certificate does not provide a legal basis for obtaining a residence permit for non EU citizens, as it is only a part time degree.