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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes - English studies

Our team is international and our teaching is informed by a variety of academic cultures and methodologies. As a result, you will be exposed to and encouraged to engage with diverse perspectives and approaches to your field of study from the beginning of your academic career.


Study Programme Management

Agnès Prüm

Study Programme DirectorBachelor en Cultures Européennes and Specialisation Course Director, Bachelor en Cultures Européennes: English Studies
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Anne-Marie Millim

Deputy Specialisation Course Director
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Members of Staff

Mylène Branco

Teaching Staff
Postdoctoral Researcher

Katrien Deroey

Teaching Staff
Course Coordinator for English at the University of Luxembourg Language Centre
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Sam Mersch

Teaching Staff
Doctoral Researcher
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Mélanie Wagner

Teaching Staff
Member of the Institut de langue et de littérature luxembourgeoises
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Jean-Jacques Weber

Emeritus Professor
Member of the Institute for Research on Multilingualism (ECCS)
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Adjunct Members of Staff

Janine Goedert

Adjunct Lecturer
BA (Nottingham)

Tommy Halsdorf

Adjunct Lecturer
BA, MA, PhD (University of the West of England, Bristol)

Gerd Hurm

Adjunct Professor
Professor of American Literature and Culture (Trier); 
Director of the Trier Center for American Studies

Pit Péporté

Adjunct Lecturer
MA, MSc, PhD (Edinburgh)

Jenny Stenke

Adjunct Staff