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Bachelor en Cultures Européennes


Are you interested in studying one of the subjects below? Would you like to know more about our study programme and explore the different tracks of the Bachelor en Cultures Européennes?

  • English Studies
  • Etudes françaises
  • Germanistik
  • Starting September 2022: Lëtzebuerger Linguistik a Literatur (see: Common Curriculum below for an example of our existing offer)
  • Geschichte / Histoire
  • Philosophie
  • Common Curriculum in European Cultures

Then sign up and join our seminars and lectures online from 19.04 - 22.04.2022!

Register before 13.04.2022 (12:00am): HERE (Link active from 04.04.2022 at 12:00am)

There are no registrations fees for this event.
For any further questions please contact

You can find our programme offer for both in person and online seminars and lectures below:

Programme In Person

Programme Online

If you already know in which specialisation track you would like to study, please note that you can already hand in your application until the 30th April 2022. You will find more information on how to apply here: Apply