Master of Science in Banking and Finance

Student and work visas

Non EU/EEA Students are advised to read carefully the contents of this section concerning application procedures and requirements for student visas.

Student visas

Please refer to the following link, and in particular the document in Point 4.  

Non-EU/EEA students are advised to obtain complete information from the Luxembourg authorities (in the case of residents of North and South America, to the Luxembourg embassy in Washington), and to allow sufficient time for student visa application procedures to be completed. In particular, it is strongly recommended to  :

  • allow at least three months for completion of the visa application procedures and receipt of a student visa;
  • consult local consular office of Luxembourg (or a consular office of another country representing Luxembourg for consular affairs) or other competent authority to obtain complete information regarding student visa application requirements;
  • read carefully and follow the requirements specified in the University of Luxembourg’s web site under Admissions, concerning the validation of prior academic degrees and diplomas.

Please note that you are required to submit a police certificate as part of your complete visa application file.  In some countries, it can take several months to obtain such a certificate.  It is therefore recommended that you submit the application for a police certificate to your local authorities as early as possible, without waiting for your admission letter from the university.

Work visas after completion of studies

Non-EU students having completed their Master’s studies at the University of Luxembourg are entitled to apply for a Luxembourg work permit for a duration of maximum four years beginning in the period immediately following the successful completion of their study course. The procedure is simple and requires the student to present a contract from an employer.  The work contract must be in an area related to the student’s area of study.

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