Master of Science in Banking and Finance

The part-time format

The part-time format requires a 24 months of part-time study. It is therefore suitable for professionals seeking to study while continuing their career.

The course begins in mid-September of each year.  Classes are held in the months of September to December and then February to June.  

Classes take place in full- or half-day sessions anytime from Monday to Friday during weeks of the academic semester.  Part-time students can expect to spend between 15 and 20 full days in class during any given semester.  The number of days’ class varies from week to week during the academic semester.  Class days are scheduled irregularly over the semester and will be posted in the semester calendar at the beginning of the academic year. 

Part-time students are required to attend the academic week-in-residence in July of their second year.  It is therefore important that students make suitable arrangements with their employers for the necessary leave.

Part-time students are professionals, many from the Luxembourg financial sector, residing in Luxembourg or its greater region.  In addition to their professional commitments, many students have families and other activities.

The part-time class is very international and comprises students with a broad range of professional backgrounds, even within finance.  This reflects the diversity of both the Luxembourg financial centre and its broader economic base, and adds to the interest of the course.

Important note for non-EU/EEA students:
- Luxembourg regulations require students to be residents in Luxembourg (rather than in outlying areas in neighbouring countries of the Greater Region)
- Enrolment in the part-time format will not be accepted by the Luxembourg authorities as a basis for applying for a student visa.