Master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

LCL Faculty

Joachim Arts


Nils Löhndorf

Nils Löhndorf

Associate Professor

Research interests: Decision making under uncertainty, inventory management, maintenance, asymptotics, stochastic models, optimisation

Research domains: After sales services, multi-tier supply chains, dual sourcing


Associate Professor

Research interests: Stochastic optimisation, simulation models, data science

Research domains: Energy trading, energy storage operation

Anne Lange


Benny Mantin

Associate Professor

Research interests: transportation networks, risk, supply chain finance

Research domains: Transportation, aviation, supply chain, service providers



Professor and LCL Director

Research interests: Supply chain management, dynamic pricing, revenue management, strategic consumers, empirical operations management, analytics

Research domains: Airline industry, inventory management, sustainable operations

Contributing Faculty members & Researchers of the University of Luxembourg

Francesco Viti


Associate Professor & chair holder, Transportation Engineering Lab at the Faculty of Science and Technology

Research interests: Transport policy & mobility analysis, traffic flow theory & control, intelligent transport systems, network modeling, travel demand estimation

Research domains: Civil engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, multidisciplinary, general & others


SCALE Faculty members & Researchers

Within the MIT global Supply Chain And Logistics Excellence (SCALE) network, selected faculty members and researchers collaborate on research projects and contribute to the teaching programmes of the centres.

Yossi Sheffi


Director, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (MIT CTL)
Director, Supply Chain Management Programme
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Elisha Gray II Professor of Engineering

Research interests: Systems optimisation, risk analysis and supply chain management.




Chris Caplice

Jarrod Goentzel

Spyridon Lekkakos

Senior Research Scientist, MIT
Silver Family Research Fellow
Executive Director, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (MIT CTL)
Director, MicroMasters Credential Program in Supply Chain Management
Founder & Director, MIT FreightLab

Research interests: all aspects of freight transportation to include combinatorial procurement auctions, robust planning, portfolio management, performance metrics, & infrastructure design.

Director, MIT Humanitarian Response Lab

Research interests: Humanitarian logistics

Assistant Professor, MIT-Zaragoza International Logistics Programme
Research Affiliate at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics

Research interests: Interface of operations and finance; inventory and supply chain management; and procurement.










James B. Rice, Jr.




Deputy Director, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (MIT CTL)

Research interests: Resilience and risk management related topics – supply chain resilience, port resilience and supply chain security







More SCALE researchers supporting our programme


Adjunct teachers

Lucas Dufour

 Ruggero Golini

Paulina Golinska

Associate Professor, Montpellier Business School

Research interests: Management & human ressources

Associate Professor, Università degli Studi di Bergamo

Research interests: Operations strategy

Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering Management, Poznan University of Technology, Poland

Research interests: Circular economy, remanufacturing, production and logistics management in automotive industry

Research Gate link

Stefan Gstettner

Özden Gür Ali

Philippe Hémard 

Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group

Expertise: the future of supply chain management

Associate Professor of business administration & Associate Dean of CASE, Koç University, Istanbul

Research interests: Causality with predictive analytics /machine learning

Founder, PHC

Former Vice President Amazon Logistics Europe

Expertise: Performance management, contract negotiation, network organisation, BtoC logistics, customer satisfaction, network modeling, inventory management, product compliance, vendor management, building organisation, delivery experience, continuous improvement.










Nathalie Hoffmann

Emmanuel Kleinbart

Paul Raymond Schilling

Paul Schilling Deloitte






Training Consultant, Kleinbart

Expertise: Management & soft skills


Training Consultant, Kleinbart

Expertise: Management & soft skills

Director, Head of Human Resources, Deloitte

Expertise: Leadership/Inspirational leadership











Administrative staff

Jackie Brown



Administrative Assistant



Laura Boutron


























































Study Programme Administrator