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Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

What do you like most about Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation?

It is not only one thing. I think the highly diverse atmosphere was something I really liked. We were around 25 students and almost the same number of nationalities! In addition, I am grateful because the quality of the teaching stuff, which had a proper balance between academic and professional experience, brought us up-to-date business cases and trendy research topics.  And I also liked the way the master is organized because it enables intense interactivity among students, students and professors and other visiting professionals.

Why did you choose the University of Luxembourg to study your Master in?

University of Luxembourg is quite young and, consequently, I understood it was more dynamic and more willing to develop and implement new ideas. Indeed, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and youth are normally positively correlated. The content of the Master Programme also appealed to me and the option to choose among several tracks when reaching its final stage.

Which hobbies do you practice in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is in the heart of Europe and it is very difficult to not taking advantage of it. Travelling, undoubtedly, was one of my favorite hobbies. And, more or less at the same level, practicing outdoor sports: trekking, jogging, swimming or simply walking serenely through the endless forests. Nature is two steps from your house almost everywhere, even in the city!

Which specialization did you choose? Why?

Main fields of the master, entrepreneurship and innovation, are strongly connected. Developing one of them necessarily implies working on the other one.  In terms of the master’s courses, I especially enjoyed topics related to marketing, management and finance, although all the disciplines were very interesting and valuable. And in the future, I want to pursue a career focused on business models innovation having responsibility and sustainability as key factors.

What is your master thesis about?

It was centered on a particular topic within the innovation field. Within the academic world it is called “collaborative innovation”. More specifically, I studied the free revealing phenomenon when the ICT Luxembourgish companies innovate jointly and what their willingness to use this practice is in future ventures.

Will you stay in Luxembourg?

I think Luxembourg is a promising country for start-ups. In the mid-term I plan to run my own business, probably internet-based and related to “green” and “eco” stuff. Other topics I am also interested in are innovative cooking and sports.  In the short term I plan to dedicate some years to research and I would like to start in Luxembourg.


What advice could you give to new students?

Simply, to open up their minds! We need to leave our “comfort zone”, where everything is familiar to us, to enter to the “learning zone”, where curiosity, openness and constructive conflicts lead us to grow up as human beings. I think that is an effective way to harness the amazing academic, experiential and professional opportunities the Master brings to students.