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Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

What do you like most about Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation?

We have world class lecturers, who are truly inspiring. Besides that, I would say the fact we are a small group of students, what makes the interaction meaningful and the learning process more interesting. 

Why did you choose the University of Luxembourg to study your Master in?

I was fascinated with the diversity and internationality and, at the same time, by its welcoming environment. The University offers a great structure and a real possibility of reconciling the theoretical education with the practical world.

Which hobbies do you practice in Luxembourg?

The whole region is a great place to get in contact with nature and practice sports outside. Besides that, I really enjoy going to the movies here, as it is the only place in the neighborhood where you can watch the films in original version.

Which specialization did you choose? Why?

I attended the Biotech program as I had previous interest in this field and it constitutes one of the country’s investment priorities.

What is your master thesis about?

My thesis derived from a very challenging project I was working for my mentor company, but then it developed and took its own path. I analyzed through case studies the role of female managers in family business environment.

Will you stay in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is a very charming city and citizens enjoy many advantages due to its small size. I would love to stay, but other circumstances forced me moving to another country.

What advice could you give to new students?

My one advice for new students is to engage yourself in learning how to work in teams and discipline in regards to time management so you can explore the courses and go deeper on what you really enjoy.