Supervision of a doctoral candidate (ADR)


At the University of Luxembourg it is necessary to have an ADR ("Autorisation à Diriger des Recherches" - PhD supervision right) to supervise PhD students. The University law and the internal rules of procedures ("Règlement d'Ordre Intérieur" - ROI) define this right, and how to obtain it.

Eligibility criteria:

Eligibility criteria are detailed in the University’s Règlement d’ordre intérieur/internal rules of procedures (ROI), titre IV, Recherche.

  1.  For University staff members: Status of a Maître-assistant/Research Scientist at the University of Luxembourg.
  2. For external researchers: the University only accepts requests from senior researchers affiliated to an institution which has already a collaboration agreement with the University.
  3. All applicants must be at least 3 years after award of their PhD degree.
  4. In addition to the criteria in the ROI, all applicants for an ADR must demonstrate mastery of both “necessary” competences as well as any relevant “desirable” competences in line with the “R3 Established Researcher” profile of the European Framework for research careers. Please download the application form (below) for more information.

If you are a staff member of the University of Luxembourg, and have any questions regarding the authorisation to supervise a doctoral candidate, please contact:

If you are external to the University of Luxembourg, and would like to receive more information, please contact the Office of doctoral studies (Anja Lenninger) under the following email address:

Procedure to obtain an ADR

  • Please make sure that you are eligible to apply for an ADR, before completing the form. All details about eligibility criteria are provided in the application form.
  • Read the instructions in the application form very carefully, and make sure that you obtain a support letter from the Dean, the Interdisciplinary Centre Director or Head of Department (accordingly to your affiliation).
  • Your application will be assessed, according to the legal background, by a committee which consists of internal and external members. Please be aware that your unit/institution will be charged about 1500€ for the external evaluation which is currently managed via the European Science Foundation (ESF).
  • There are four deadlines per year (1 March, 1 June, 15 September, 1 December). The duration of the procedure is about 12 weeks, in case of delays the applicant will be informed.
  • Download the application form

Once you receive the authorisation and you have a doctoral candidate, the Office of doctoral studies will guide you for your candidate’s registration, progression monitoring by the dissertation supervisory committee, and candidate thesis defence procedures.